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Shamanic healing benefits


Shamanic healing can bring amazing results in short periods of time

Shamanic healing is the oldest form of healing on the planet being at least 400,000 years old. Shamanism is not a religion in itself but a system of belief which actually pre-dates organised religion, therefore shamanic healing is suitable for everyone.

A shaman lives between the worlds of the physical and spiritual and as a healer is an intermediary between the client and the spirit world, receiving insights, assistance and information about how best to assist the client in healing and moving forward in life. There are many ways in which a shaman is called to the shamanic healing path, traditionally the role of shaman would be passed down through the lineage. The modern day shaman is often called to the path by Spirit. In my tradition (Andean) the normal method of being called to the path is by being struck by lightening in which all the healing knowledge is downloaded into the person, or by the receipt of a vision of a ‘shining person’ (this is how I was called to the path, it is called an ‘Estrella’ and you can read more about this experience by clicking HERE). A shaman is often referred to as a ‘wounded healer’ – this is because part of the often prolonged initiation involves exposure to unusual or long term illness or severe emotional trauma – or both, in order that the shaman becomes stronger and experiences life from the client’s vantage point therefore having a deeper level of understanding and learning.

Traditionally a shaman works with the spirits of a local power source, this could be a mountain range, a lake or a particular animal as can be seen with the reindeer shaman in Mongolia. A shaman has deep connection with the earth and nature and works in harmony with it. He or she understands that everything is either heavy (hucha) or light (sami) energy and everything, including animals’ plants and rocks have aspects of consciousness and Divinity within them.

A Shamanic healing session normally has two aspects, firstly the correct diagnosis of the root client’s problem and then the carrying out of the healing work itself. In every client session, I initially carry out a diagnosis, checking over fifty different issues which could be affecting the client in additional to obtaining information psychically by ‘tracking’ the problem (using altered states to obtain helpful information for the client) and also I carry out card readings to give me further guidance on what the client needs to address so that they can heal and move forward. Once this information is obtained, I then start the shamanic healing work, removing unhelpful or heavy energies from the client’s energy field and then carrying out power or soul retrieval techniques to return the person to wholeness.

A shaman calls upon their guides and helpers to provide insight, wisdom and information to assist the client allowing healing to be achieved in the most efficient way possible.  Effectively a shaman holds the space in order for their guides to carry out the healing. Shamanic healing therefore gets to the root of an issue very quickly and at a very deep level to clear emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual/soul and physical wounding, using energetic techniques to remove heavy energies and emotions from a person’s energy field. In short it provides a spring clean of old emotional baggage which is often found at the root of physical illness. Then, through techniques such as soul retrieval (you can read more about soul retrieval) it returns to a person previously lost energy, aspects of personality and light, bringing them a step closer to wholeness. This may sound a little frightening but I can assure you that the sessions are anything but. For example, I have worked on many, many children and they love the work. Additionally it is important to bear in mind that the body is highly intelligent and is always going to work at its own pace, a layer at a time, so there is no need to worry about being overwhelmed or opening up ‘can’s of worms.’ After well over a decade of using shamanic healing to assist people all over the world, I have seen the most amazing results in short periods of time, this is in my opinion is because the healing work not only clears the emotional trauma but restores the person to the healed state via soul retrieval. Shamanic healing is the oldest form of healing on the planet, its longevity testament to its effectiveness. After over thirteen years of working as a shamanic healer, I still passionately believe that shamanic healing is the most effective form of healing on the planet. If you feel shamanic healing can help you, then please click HERE, if you have questions then there you can access the FAQ section by clicking HERE.

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