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Healing for Sexual Abuse

Have you or someone you know been affected by sexual abuse? Do you know that shamanic healing is highly effective at healing the effects of sexual abuse and returning the Self to wholeness?

In my healing practice over the years I have seen many clients who have suffered sexual abuse in one form or another, either as a small child or an adult.

Predominantly of course, most of those clients have been female, but males are also often affected.

Whether male or female, young or old, the effects of sexual abuse are often crippling, particularly if the abuser is a parent or a family member.

No matter how young they are, children inherently understand that their parents and family members are there to protect them, not abuse them. The obvious fallout from such experiences manifests itself as sexual problems in later life, huge issues over trust, and hyper vigilance (anxiousness, on the constant lookout for threats).


Read more about ‘Healing the effects of sexual abuse‘ in my blog post article on the subject.

Healing for Sexual Abuse

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