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Healing for Negative Subconscious Beliefs

We are told that our reality is created by our thoughts.  The truth is that our reality is created and manifested as a result of our subconscious thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and life. Therefore, no matter how many soul retrievals a person has, or how much healing work we do, if we do not address and correct negative subconscious beliefs, we will not be able to create and manifest a life we love, the life we deserve to live.

Therefore, when I work with clients we devote as a minimum one session to identifying and correcting negative subconscious beliefs using modern healing practices. Then my client can start to attract what they do want in their life, their health and their relationships, as opposed to what they don’t want to see. While this is not classed as shamanic healing per se, this work is essential to healing the whole person.

Healing for Negative Subconscious Beliefs

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