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Healing for Anxiety and Fear

Most of us experience anxiety and fear in our life at some point. Sadly, some of us live in constant states of anxiety and fear. It is important to understand that fear states arise from our Limbic brain (also known as the Ego, or the Monkey Mind). This primitive part of our brain is highly concerned with the safety of our physical body, and tends to attempt to keep us in fear states so that we stay ‘safe’ – which often keeps us feeling anxious, but also ‘stuck’ in life and stagnant in our personal growth. Anxieties and fears can be cleared by healing original trauma and the Limbic brain can be mastered. Mastery of the Limbic brain forms one of the major aspects of healing, and is key to both personal and spiritual development.

Sometimes I come across clients that have wonderful lives, with no reason for anxiety or fear and yet they are tortured by it daily. It is very important to remember that we are not just a product of this lifetime, but also a product of our experiences and traumas that occurred in past lifetimes (whether we believe in them or not). These traumas are held in our energy field and negatively affect our consciousness, making us sense fear and anxiety even though everything may be fine in our day-to-day life. Also we can be affected by the painful experiences of our ancestors which become passed down to us in our DNA.

Regardless of whether anxieties arise from this lifetime or other sources, we can heal your anxieties at their root, freeing you from their grip and allowing you to move forward in life with courage and strength so you can move forward and create a life you love.

Healing for Anxiety and Fear

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