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Healing for Sadness and General Unhappiness

Sadness and grief can affect us all at some point in our lives for various reasons, for, as we know, life can often be challenging. Sometimes however, we can experience sadness and grief when our lives are great and we have no reason for it. This can often point to unhealed childhood trauma or, more usually, issues in an unhealed past life. It can even be attributed to ancestral trauma or situations where the client is carrying energy which does not even belong to them. Whatever the source of the sadness and grief, it needs to be healed so we can go back to fully enjoying our life again.

During shamanic healing sessions with my clients I check them for fifty different things that might be affecting them, so we can get right to the very root of the matter. We can also address issues such as power loss and soul loss, which are essential to restoring health and happiness and help the client move forward in life with energy and vitality.

Healing for Sadness and General Unhappiness

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