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Healing for Panic Attacks

Shamanic healing  can to heal you panic attacks quickly and naturally. Panic attacks affect many people and they are usually highly unpleasant to experience. The usual symptoms of a panic attack are a racing heart, profuse sweating, shaking of the body, a shortness of breath, feeling sick, chest pains, and feeling faint. Often all these symptoms occur all at once which can be very overwhelming!  Sadly, the medical profession do not fully understand panic attacks, what they are or why they happen and what causes them. They assume that these attacks are simply just a result of stress and anxiety. But panic attacks, although awful to experience, are one of the body’s ways of healing itself, of releasing built-up stress and tension. You might have noticed that panic attacks do not happen when we are in the middle of traumatic times or situations, but they often occur when we are feeling better about our life. Normally they can begin months, or even years after a difficult experience and this makes them even more difficult to understand. People often tell me, ‘I was feeling great, things were going well, so why on earth did I have a panic attack?’

What causes Panic Attacks?

So, what causes panic attacks? Well the body is very clever, as you might have figured out by now. When we are going through highly stressful times, horrific times even, somehow we have the ability and the strength to just keep going, often against all the odds. But what we don’t realise is that the build up of heavy energies and the negative emotions we are feeling  due to work stress or family crisis, divorce, loss, or accident for example,  are retained in our bodies. Normally they stay stuck there until we are in a better place, and then the body really wants to get rid of them!

Why do Panic Attacks Happen?

Stored heavy energy and emotion are recognised by the body as dangerous. The body has an innate knowledge and many protection mechanisms and it does its best to keep you as well as it possibly can. Ideally, it wants its owner to seek help and healing after going through a difficult time or experience. Sadly, many people do not do this, they just keep going…and going. They try and put the past behind them and try to move forward. Men, particularly, are prone to doing this as they believe it is unmanly to admit to struggling with emotional issues and often keep traumatic events in ‘boxes’ in their minds. They also tend not to deal with stress as well as women, energetically speaking. Women tend to be more open about emotional issues and often talk about their problems or struggles with their friends and this helps in some ways to release stored emotion. If the past difficulties are not healed properly however,  at some point the body decides to take matters into its own hands and seeks to release these energies from the energy field. It is important that the energy field is clear because the health of our body is dependent on the health and ‘brightness’ of our energy. So the body will create a ‘panic attack’.  This, as most of you suffering from panic attacks knows, often happens at the most inconvenient time. Boom! All of a sudden you are sweating and shaking and feeling like you are having a heart attack in the middle of a board meeting or a party. What is actually happening is that your body is releasing a layer of your past trauma and stored emotion. The shaking is due to the body releasing this pent up energy and emotion. It’s like a very intense detox and healing session, all in one go.

The Effects of Panic Attacks

What tends to happen then is that the person goes through the horribleness of the panic attack, not realising that it is really their body trying to help clear up old wounds from the past, and they become very fearful of having another one. This then causes more anxiety, which builds up, and often triggers another panic attack. Then the person becomes almost phobic about having another attack and tension builds in the body. And guess how the body tries to heal this. Yes, thats right, it will send up another attack, or as I prefer to call it, a healing.

What is the Best Way to Deal with a Panic Attack?

Ideally, we should be honouring and understanding our bodies, and realising that this phenomena is a healing process employed by the body to keep you well, because heavy or negative energy and emotion stored over the long term can result in illness. And the body will do what it can to avoid illness. So if you can see these events as ‘spontaneous healings’ rather than’ panic attacks’ its much better and you fear them less. If, while they are occurring you can try to relax, try to breathe into your tummy very slowly, then the ‘healing’ will pass much faster.

How do I Stop Having Panic Attacks?

So I hope I have made it clear that panic attacks are a way of healing your past. What the body is actually doing is trying to persuade you to get the original traumatic event or events healed properly. Shamanic healing is perfect for this because it can help to clear the retained heavy energy and emotion of the past event, then it can help restore you to wholeness through practices such as energy exchange, power retrieval and soul retrieval, which restores lost aspects of self as well as resources that you can use to move forward. Then the body does not need to try and clear the unpleasant energies itself via panic attacks, – they just stop.

What Can Cause Panic Attacks?

In addition to healing past trauma in this lifetime, panic attacks are also utilised by the body to clear trauma we are not consciously aware of, for example, events which happened when you were very young, or events that you are not aware of because you have blocked them out. They are also trying to heal past life trauma, (we are all affected by past lives even if you don’t believe in them) and ancestral trauma, which is passed on to us through our DNA. Sometimes, we can even try to take someone else’s trauma on, such as a parent or a child, and the body will want to release this as well.

Appointments for Healing Panic Attacks

In order to make an appointment, all you need to do is complete the form on the Appointments page of this site or email Dawn on Here is the link to the contact page.

    At your appointment, there will be time to talk, then a diagnosis will be carried out and you will be checked for over fifty different things which may be affecting you. This includes soul loss, power loss, energy blocks, past life trauma and ancestral issues. We will then get to work, healing the different levels of your being and at some point, you will be pleased that your body tried to push you into getting the healing that you need!

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