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Healing for Personal Development

To me, personal healing and development are the same thing as spiritual development, because at the end of the day, spiritual development is all about removing all the heavy layers that cover our light, so that we can shine the truth of our OWN light in the world and live with authenticity and integrity. We are not who we want to be, who our parents or our peers or society wants us to be, we are who we are. As my guides used to often say to me, ‘Be who you Be.’ And that really is spiritual development in a nutshell. Be who you BE. It is not about chanting, meditating, having a Guru, it is about discovering who you are and bringing your true self to the world. I do also assist people and other spiritual teachers with their spiritual development however. For as we raise our vibrational frequency through our healing work we become more connected and clearer channels for light.

Whether you want to become enlightened or whether you want to get a new job, career, man/woman, house, hobby, whatever it is I can help you to achieve your desires so you can go on to create a life you love – and a life you deserve.

Healing for Personal Development

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