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Healing for Sexual/Intimacy Problems

Often we can be embarrassed about talking to someone about the issues above, but there really is no need. I have been helping people in this area for nearly two decades and seen fabulous results. Normally these issues arise from a blocked second chakra. This chakra is also our creative centre and our power centre so it is important that it becomes healed.

There can be many causes of sexual or intimacy problems in men and women, for example they can be there as a result of childhood conditioning (‘Sex is bad/dirty/wrong), or childhood sexual abuse, (which I specialise in healing), ancestral issues, past life issues – for example in past life you could have taken vows of celibacy or suffered some form of abuse, or you could have suffered from power loss or soul loss or often, a combination of the above!

You never need to worry when having sessions with me as I will check you for fifty different things so I will know exactly what you need and we will get to the root of the matter for you so that you can heal and move forward.

Healing for Sexual/Intimacy Problems

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