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Healing for Loss of Power

How do we know when we have lost our power?

Often the answer is we don’t know, we don’t realise it at all. Until we start to notice that our lives are not going the way we want them to, that we are unable to make the changes we would like to see in our lives, that things are going wrong for us and we are failing to manifest the things that we want. Power loss is not soul loss. Power loss is when, normally during a time of stress or trauma, we identify an aspect of ourselves and we send it away.

We may send it away to protect it, we may send it away because we don’t feel we can have it any more, or don’t deserve it, but the fact remains, we have sent away a part of ourselves and this is not good. It is not good because that part of us resents being sent away. It’s like having ten children and suddenly telling one of them to leave the house – they are not going to be happy about it. And they are going to cause us significant problems while they are away, mainly because they want to be found and returned to us.

This sent away part is often called a ‘shadow aspect’ and shadow aspects create what is known as ‘projections’ and they can really bite us on the bum! So it is essential that these shadow aspects are healed and returned to us so that we can be healed, all parts of us can be integrated and we can be returned to wholeness.

Healing for Loss of Power

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