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Healing for Confidence Issues

Issues with low confidence, self worth and self esteem come up for healing in pretty much every client session. Many people ask me questions like, ‘Will I feel more confident if I get another PhD? Will I feel more confident if I get my nose fixed? If I lose five stone? If I have elocution lessons?’

Not surprisingly, the answer to all these questions is ‘no.’ These things will not bring you confidence in any way. In fact, nothing external to you will bring you confidence. Confidence comes from inside – as I call it, ‘Getting the Flowers on the Inside.’ Having our flowers (things like joy, peace love, security, happiness, success ) on the inside is very important.  If something is on the outside of us, it can be taken away from us. If I say I have love because my husband loves me, do I really have it? What happens if he runs off with his secretary or gets run over by a bus? Then I no longer have love, and if it can be taken away it was never really mine in the first place. When we have the flowers on the inside – in this case love – It is ours and therefore it cannot be taken away, no matter what happens.

So this is the goal of my healing work really, to help you get your flowers on the inside so that you can be happy and fulfilled regardless of what is going on around you. Issues around self worth and self esteem are the same, but often these can actually be lost by traumas in a past life, so we can work together to get those back for you.

Healing for Confidence Issues

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