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Soul Retrieval - a return to wholeness

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  Soul Retrieval, soul healing, or soul return is a process undertaken by a shaman in which the lost soul fragments of a person are healed and returned to them, along with gifts and resources in order to help the person not only return to wholeness but also to be able to move forward in life and create the life of their dreams.

What is a soul?

A soul is the spiritual and energetic aspect of ourselves that animates us, that gives us our personality, our ‘us-ness’ for want of a better word. The soul is a very complicated aspect of ourselves; mostly it lives within us, in our physical body although we also have a Higher Soul or Self, which resides outside of ourselves. The soul aspects that are within the physical body are very delicate and fragile, and they are aware of this.

Our soul is what gives us our ‘aliveness’. When we die, it leaves our body entirely, and returns to what we largely call heaven, taking our energy system (our chakra system) with it. This is why when we see the deceased; they don’t seem like ‘them’ anymore…… all that remains is a body with no remnants of the person’s personality remaining. We carry our soul with us, lifetime after lifetime. It knows everything about us….. why we are here, what we have come to learn and what our future lifetimes will be about. It tries to guide us through our life, and speaks to us through our hearts, (although its voice is very quiet and we don’t often hear it because our heads are so very noisy!). It provides us with vision, insight, decisiveness, and intuition, helping us to move forward in our lives.

When describing the soul to a client, I often describe it as the juicy part of the orange – the segments – within the orange skin (the skin represents the body). Each separate segment holds within it juiciness, energy, and particular aspects of personality. When all the segments are together in the orange skin, then we feel whole and complete. But, as I have said, sometimes soul segments become lost, and we feel incomplete, less, lost.

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What causes soul loss?

As I have mentioned above, the soul aspects are very fragile. These aspects of ourselves know they need to stay safe; therefore, our souls possess a protection mechanism. This protection mechanism – soul loss – becomes triggered during a traumatic event. Often, soul loss first occurs in childhoodalthough it can happen upon incarnation, in the womb or just after birth.  After soul loss occurs a repeating pattern is established throughout life, and we can loose more and more aspects of ourselves and see the same stories repeating in our lives.

What sort of events cause soul loss?

Soul loss normally occurs after severe trauma, such as death of a loved one, a severe accident or illness, a loss (such as a parent leaving), severe fright, sexual abuse or rape, or a significant medical operation. In some cases soul loss can be caused by a devastating relationship breakup or divorce, a massive disappointment, the loss of a business or career or the witnessing of something horrible (soldiers often suffer from soul loss which is part of PTSD).

How does soul loss occur?

The best way to describe soul loss is to return to the analogy of the orange segments. Lets say that normally, there are twelve segments within the orange and the person is whole, healthy and complete. A significant trauma happens – let’s use the example of rape. So before the rape, the person is whole, moving forward in life. As the rape occurs though, the person feels deep fear and shock. The soul segments want to try to protect not only themselves but the person they belong too. So during the attack, the twelve segments leave the body entirely. You might have read about this in the newspapers – the person will describe that they ‘watched the attack happening to them…..from above.’

This occurs because they have completely left their body as a soul or spirit, and are thus separated from it while the horrible event occurs.

When the event is over though, not all of the segments return to the body. Let’s say that seven segments go back into the body (the orange). This enables the person to function, but not fully. They will be ‘less than’ they were, they will be diminished, numbed. This process sounds awful but is actually devised to help the person cope with what has happened to them. If all of the segments came back then the person would be overwhelmed. So the person is numbed while they heal and come to terms with the situation, over time.


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So, what happens to the remaining soul segments?

Remember that each segment contains energy, zest for life, aspects of personality, and these are all fragile. So out of the initial twelve segments, seven return to the body and five are left. These five segments need to go to a place where they feel safe. I have carried out literally thousands of soul retrievals and normally, the soul segments return to the Earth. In some cases they return to heaven…what we call, the Upper World. But normally, they return to the Earth, what we call the Lower World.

I must stress here that the Earth or the Lower World is not a terrible place. It is just another world, very much like this one, sometimes much nicer than this one. The soul parts return here and essentially wait for someone like me to heal the person – heal the trauma – and then come to find them and return them to their person.

What are the effects of soul loss?

Following trauma, the effects of soul loss are likely to be; feeling numb, heavy, lacking in energy (remember, energy is in each segment), not ‘themselves,’ lost, directionless, ‘going through the motions,’ unable to make decisions, lacking interest in anything, inability to play, to have fun, listless, depressed, unable to see a bright future for themselves, feeling isolated, weak, victim-like, physically weak and disassociated. The person affected by soul loss may lose interest in all of their previously loved hobbies and lack motivation.

They may also feel like an outsider looking in, not ‘part’ of the world any more, like life if is going on around them. If they have children, they may find they are suddenly unable to relate to them and may lose the ability to play with them. They may lose connection with their body, develop bad eating habits, start to self harm in a bid to actually ‘feel’ something, or develop some form of addiction. Overall, they will feel completely stuck.


Have I suffered soul loss?

This is an interesting question. The truth is, nearly everyone has suffered from soul loss at some time. Even if this lifetime has been happy, we can be suffering from soul loss from a past lifetime – remember we take the soul with us from lifetime to lifetime, and this occurs whether or not you believe in past lives! I have seen many clients who describe themselves as feeling ‘lost, depressed, not quite here, stuck and very sad’, yet they have enjoyed wonderful childhoods and have very happy and fulfilled lives. But if you have suffered a traumatic event, particularly as a child, then it’s likely you have suffered soul loss in this lifetime.

You can often hear people describe soul loss, when they say things like, ‘I had that accident, and I’ve not felt right since,’ or, ‘it feels like a part of me died when she died,’ or, ‘I just feel like a part of me is missing.’ The most common comment is, ‘I feel completely lost.’


What are other symptoms of soul loss?

Often, clients come to me and it’s like they have spent most of their lives searching for ‘something.’ Even they don’t actually know what they are looking for. Some will have tried living in many different countries in the world, others will have tried a hundred different careers trying to find the ‘right one,’ and some will go through relationship after relationship looking for the perfect partner to no avail. What is actually happening is that they are looking for something inside of them, their missing soul parts, because subconsciously, we are aware that there is something missing. We just don’t know what it is, or how to fix it, so we try to do something external. But the problem is internal.

One of the main symptoms of soul loss is the feeling that we have lost our personal and physical power, strength and resilience.

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How does soul loss affect health?

Again, if we return to our orange analogy, we see that each orange – or soul segment – contains our juiciness, our zest for life, our energy and our personality traits. The initial and subsequent loss of these segments means that we lose more and more of ourselves and our energy.

When we are low in energy, we tend to turn to unhealthy foods and drinks to give us an energy boost. These foods and drinks are low vibration foods, which in turn, affect and lower our vibration; therefore, we can very gradually make a descent into lethargy and depression. Also, the loss of these segments can negatively affect our immune system, as we simply don’t have the energy our immune system needs to keep us well and we can become ill.

Plus, as we start to feel more and more lost and disinterested in life, we cut ourselves off from the world, tend to stay in more, and no longer have the energy for exercise. So we can become isolated and reclusive and become overweight with the combination of poor food choices and lack of exercise. In extreme cases, in order to make a bid to escape from our now dreary, directionless lives, we can turn to alcohol and develop addictions to further numb ourselves.


I think I have suffered soul loss! What do I do?

First of all, don’t worry! As I have previously mentioned, soul loss affects most of us at some point. It is important to understand though that it is important to heal the original trauma, before attempting soul retrieval. We can work on that together.

Why do I have to heal the original trauma first?

Imagine a child runs away from home as it is very upset. Then imagine I go out and find that child and drag it back to its home, without changing the issue that caused it to leave. What is the child likely to do? Stay home and be happy? Or run away again? That’s right, it is likely to run away again. And we don’t want to a) have to drag your soul part back to you (not that I would ever do that!) or b) have it leave you once its been returned as this is a waste of your time and money ….and my effort!

When we work on healing the trauma first, when we start the soul retrieval process I often observe that the soul part is waiting for me to find it. It is excited to be returning to you and returning to you all the energy, light and being-ness contained within it. Sometimes, they even manage to come into my house so I don’t have to travel far to find them, so eager are they to return to you! So we work on healing you, cleansing your energy field, and getting you moving forward in life before carrying out soul retrieval, then we know the soul parts will stay with you over the long term.

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How does soul retrieval work?

   For you, its very easy – you just lie there and relax! For me, it’s quite a bit of work. First of all, I have to relax myself and enter what is called a ‘hynogogic’ state, or trance state, so I can make the journey into other realms.

First of all I ‘journey’ to the Lower World and meet the guardians of this world. Then I am taken to the rooms of your soul. In the first room I am shown what happened to cause the soul wounding – the event that caused the soul loss. I heal this soul part and send the soul segment to the light for further healing. I then go to the next room and I am shown contracts which may be adversely affecting you. (Note: contracts are vows made at a time of great emotional trauma – such as ‘I shall never be happy again!!!’) These contracts act as magnets, drawing experiences to us that confirm the belief, so in this case experiences are magnetised to the person that prolong unhappiness. The contracts need to be broken. We do this together once I have returned to this realm after the soul retrieval journey. (We call this the Middle World).

Then I go to find the healed soul part. This will often show itself to me in a way that describes its qualities. Remember, your soul is made of pure energy. But that energy may show itself to me say, as a baby (representing the return of innocence, purity, and a rebirth for you), or perhaps a goddess, (representing perhaps the return of your femininity, your power). Or sometimes the soul part may present itself as an object – I remember doing a soul retrieval for a friend once and her soul part showed itself as large diamond, as it returned her beauty, clarity and preciousness!

Then I will be shown a gift that I am to return to you. This gift again is pure energy, but will show itself in a way that represents the energy it holds. For example, a gift may show itself as a compass, which represents providing the person with direction, or a crystal of power, or an apple seed to represent growth of ideas. A gift can be pretty much anything but once returned to the person it is used to help them move forward. Then often a power animal will present itself. This animal is different in that it represents what it is, it brings the person the qualities that particular animal holds. For example a kitten might return playfulness, a lion strength, power and majesty, a bird the ability to move between this world and the spirit world and see the bigger picture.

Once I have ‘collected’ up all of these resources, I then make the journey back to this world and return these three parts to you, the soul part, the gift and the animal. I literally blow them into your energy field. This in effect is like putting the segments back into the orange as well as bringing additional resources in as to help the orange (you!) move forward. I hope this makes sense!

Do I have to come and see you personally in order to carry out the healing work and the soul retrieval?

No, you do not need to personally visit me. The important thing to note with shamanic healing (healing carried out by a shaman) is that it is ‘non-local.’ This means that the healing work does not actually take place in this dimension but on another plane altogether! Therefore, it makes no difference if you are in the same room as me or in Australia. In fact, you are far more likely to be relaxed in your own home, so the healing can go deeper, plus you can relax immediately afterwards and process the healing work, rather than going on a long journey home.

What are the benefits of soul retrieval?

Effectively soul retrieval helps to heal soul trauma, and restore missing soul parts to the person so that they can be restored to wholeness. In addition, soul retrieval returns to the person their energy, their personality, their zest for life and other gifts and resources that enable them to move forward and make any necessary changes in their lives. They become unstuck! After soul retrieval many people feel more ‘alive,’ and passionate about life again and find a new outlook on life and what has happened to them in the past. They find it easier to just ‘be,’ and feel more comfortable with themselves, being more grounded, centred and balanced. They won’t forget any trauma that happened to them – soul retrieval doesn’t remove memories, – but the trauma will feel old, like it happened to someone else, or as if they saw it in a film.

Pattern loops can be broken and the person will feel more able to move forward in the new, healthier way. It will be easier to make decisions and memory will improve. Relationships will also improve, not only with yourself but also with others. People feel more supported because of the return of the gift and the power animals as well and can receive their own guidance and support from their power animal, as well as benefit from the qualities that it brings to them. Most importantly, as vital energy is returned to the body, the person’s immune system benefits immensely and the person can start to heal any physical ailments more easily. Additionally, greater protection will be provided against negative energies and the energy field will be strengthened.

One of my teachers used to say that one soul retrieval session was the equivalent of five years of therapy!

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Further information on Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, my spiritual journey and my client’s stories can be found in my book, ‘A Healer of Souls,’ which was published in 2012 and is intended to provide a helping hand on the journey through life.

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