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Healing the Inner Child

What is the Inner Child and why does the Inner Child need healing?

In short, the Inner Child is a) a representation of the consciousness of our body and b) a childhood aspect of ourselves which is normally unhealed and unacknowledged – mainly because we have no idea they live within us. But they do, different ages reside in different chakras, and cutting to the chase, if they are unhappy, we are not going to be happy and we are going to struggle to move forward in life. Additionally, they can be extremely powerful and often they can actively block us from having the things they want in our life. They are incredibly important to get onside, particularly if my client is suffering from physical problems, and they normally hold all the answers we need.

So I work with these Inner Children to bring about healing and inner peace. Let me give you an example of how powerful they are – I used to have an operation every five years but would suffer tremendously from the effects of general anaesthetic.  I decided to have the operation without anaesthetic, and got through it purely by talking to my inner child. It went so smoothly that I was fine by later on that afternoon.

It is important to recognise that these children live within us, that they carry the pains that we carried, and in order for complete healing to occur, they also need to be healed. Normally Inner Child healing is one of the first aspects I address with my clients as this provides a firm foundation for further healing work.

Healing the inner child with Shamanic Healing

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