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Shamanic Healing FAQ's

Please find the most common asked questions about Shamanic Healing below.

Q1. What will happen in a session?

Shamanic Healing FAQ’s

A1. Most sessions will take place over the phone. You will need to make sure that you are going to be undisturbed for the duration of the call, and you might like to take half an hour before hand just to relax and half an hour or more afterwards to process the content of the session.

At the appointment time you will call the landline number. If it is your first session it will be necessary for me to take down some general information such as your address, date of birth, health history etc.

Then we will talk for some time about where you find yourself now, the reason you would like the session, your past history and most importantly where you would like to be in the future – your wish list if you like.

Then, generally we will come off the phone for a while so I can carry out some divination work. This will include a card reading, looking at you psychically and also I will check you for about fifty different things that could be affecting you. We will then speak again and discuss what was found and what needs to be done in order to help you.

The work is then carried out in an order, a bit like building a house, as we need to get solid foundations in before going on to do other things. You will be relaxed and guided throughout your session and there really isn’t anything to worry about.

At the end of the session there is normally some ‘homework’ to do aid integration of the work. It will also normally be necessary for you to drink lots of water, and take sea salt baths or showers for the week following your session.

Q2. Will I be in control of the process? What if I feel overwhelmed?

A2. Yes, you will be in control of the process and you will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with. We will work at your pace.

Q3. What if all my ‘stuff’ comes up at once? I worry about that!

A3. Lots of people have the same concern but there is nothing to worry about. Your body is immensely intelligent and knows just how much “stuff’ to let up in each session. Imagine an onion cut in half horizontally so you can see all the rings… your body is only going to let what is in each ring up in each session, or maybe spread this out over a few sessions, so just trust that your body knows what it is doing. We also will use breathing techniques to help you to release emotion, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Q4. How can this work be done over the phone? Don’t you need to be with me?

A4. Shamanic healing work is ‘non-local’ – this means that the healing does not happen where the person or the healer is, it happens in another dimension. Therefore, it does not matter to me where in the world you are, distance is no problem. I still receive all the information I need; I still can ‘see’ you and what needs to be done. Additionally, as I am clairsentient, I can feel what is going on in your body as the work is being done, no matter what the distance.

The only slight downside is that I can pick up on what is going on with you, so if your throat chakra is blocked then my voice might be a bit croaky, or if you have lung cancer for instance, I might start coughing. But this would also happen if we were face to face.

Q5. I have heard that I am likely to feel worse the week before my session, why is this please?

A5. I start working on you the week before your session – this is to bring issues up to the surface so they will be easier to clear during your session. It’s a little bit like when the cream rises to the top of the milk, it’s easier to clear it. So if you have any physical symptoms these might increase the week before each session, or you might feel more tired, grumpy, emotional, headachy or start with a cold. This is normal and you will feel better after the session.

Q6. What if I don’t believe in shamanism – or anything for that matter – will the healing still work?

A6. Yes, I work with people of all religions, and those who have no beliefs at all and it doesn’t make any difference. Shamanism is not a religion so it sits nicely alongside all belief systems. But there is no need to believe in it, or even be interested in it for it to work.

I would say that 90% of my clients have no interest in shamanism; they just want to feel better. Therefore it is suitable for pretty much everyone.

Q7. Will my issue be completely gone or will it come back?

A7. People, levels of conscious, and bodies are very complex things to deal with. I have followed this path because I see that it gets right down to the root of an issue and pulls it from that place.

However, because of the body’s intelligence and its protection mechanisms, we can only work in the ‘onion layer’ presented to us at the time. Many issues form repeatedly over many lifetimes. So the issue may well be pulled from one level in this lifetime, but the source ultimately might be in a past life for example – so we need to be able to get back there if the body allows it.

Generally however, people feel that their issues are resolved and any traumatic incident experienced in the past now feels significantly lessened – it is remembered but there is no emotional or energetic charge left to it.

Q8. What about after the session? How will I feel then?

A8. This differs from person to person. Many people feel euphoric, liberated from their pasts and free to go and create the life they deserve. Some people experience a healing crisis which can happen after any type of healing work. This can range from tiredness, being more emotional than usual, feeling a little ungrounded to clearing symptoms such as colds.

Self-care is essential during the first week, when more water and sea salt baths are required. Protein (meat, nuts etc) can help you feel more grounded. If you feel you are releasing a lot of stored up emotion you can do a breathing exercise of a short breath in through the nose and long slow breath out of the mouth. Try counting to one for the in breath and five or six or even more for the out breath. This exercise is also worth remembering if you feel you are going to have a panic attack.

Q9. Why do I need sea salt baths and how do I take them?

A9. Sea salt baths are required because your energy system will be clearing heavy energy for the week following your session. Sea salt baths helps your energy to keep clear and stops you getting blocked up again energetically. They are also very nice to have at any time, particularly if you have visited a place where there is a lot of heavy energy such as a hospital or shopping centre, or if you have been with someone who is very negative.

To take the baths, dilute two big handfuls of SEA SALT crystals (not table salt or Epsom salts) into a hot bath, and stay in the water for no more than 20 mins. Most people manage about ten minutes. The salt crystals trap the heavy energy being released from your body. It can be quite drying so you can have a quick shower afterwards.

The sea salt crystals can be bought at your local supermarket (in the pepper and spices aisle), Boots (they do a great Dead Sea range) or most health food shops and of course the Internet. If you do not have a bath, they you can mix fine sea salt crystals with olive oil and rub this over your torso, back and throat (avoiding the head and genital area) but please be aware this can make your bath or shower tray very slippery indeed so please be very careful.

Q10. How can I get the most out of my sessions?

A10. You can get the most out of your sessions by being as relaxed as possible beforehand, allowing any emotion up that wants to come up, doing any integrative practice that is assigned to you and then making the necessary changes to your life by being courageous!

For example, is a depressed person comes to me for help with depression then we can do this, but there are other things that may also be required, such as eating more nutritious and supportive foods, thinking more positively, getting some exercise, planning some fun things to do and arranging to spend time with loved ones and friends – or even make new friends. Everyone is responsible for their own healing journey – all I am doing is removing any obstacles that may be blocking you and bringing you back to wholeness with processes such as soul retrieval. I will be supporting you to create the life you want (and richly deserve) but this will take effort and no one else can do that bit for you.

In closing I will say that through this work I have seen people make the most amazing transformations in their lives, and there is no reason why you cannot experience this by going on your own healing journey with my support.

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