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Healing for Termination of Pregnancy

Following on from my writings on bereavement (above) ending pregnancies for whatever reasons is still very damaging – for both parties. I have heard from hundreds if not thousands of women over the years who have mentioned terminations of pregnancies, usually at younger ages. They tell me it was the best, or only thing to do at the time, that they had no ability to look after a child. And at the time perhaps they dealt with the situation quite well. But often in later life, this decision comes back to haunt them, or certainly plays around in their consciousness. In some cases women create difficult lives for themselves to ‘make up’ for what they did, or they find themselves stuck in life or suffering from depression. For men too, termination represents a significant loss that needs healing and addressing.

My shamanic healing sessions can heal this trauma on all levels of a persons being and address issues such as soul loss from the experience. Also, through general spiritual teachings I can help my clients gain a new perspective on this situation enabling them to come to a place of clarity, understanding, peacefulness and most importantly, forgiveness.

Healing for Termination of Pregnancy

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