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Healing for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Healing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We can at times find ourselves in terrible circumstances; perhaps we are involved in an accident, witness a murder – or perhaps we have to live through terrifying situations. Sometimes this can be as simple as living through a childhood in which we constantly fear of ‘treading on eggshells.’ The brain and body has ways of dealing with these times – somehow we survive the trauma and just keep going. But the trauma(s) do affect us – on all levels of our being. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual impact of them becomes stored away in our energy field and over time we become more and more blocked and heavy. The body does its best to cope, but we might find ourselves having night terrors, or flashbacks or depression (which results from a heavy energy field, see my post on depression here) as these traumas start to become too much for the body and soul to carry anymore.

Additionally, when we suffer trauma, we suffer soul loss and therefore once the trauma is cleared energetically, we need to use resources such as soul retrieval to bring the person suffering PTSD back to wholeness. And of course, active military personnel see, experience and often do very difficult things on a daily basis. And while we like to think we can cope with these things, and while at the time we often do cope with these things (as the body is always focused on survival) after the event, when things have calmed down, or even years later – the traumas arise for healing.

Shamanic healing is therefore perfect for healing PTSD as it works on all levels of a person – and if we are traumatised in someway, then we are affected on all levels of our being. So focusing on just one level, for example the mental level (i.e. talking therapies) are not simply sufficient to bring about full and lasting healing. Additionally, shamanic healing not only clears up the trauma, it restores the person to wholeness (through soul retrieval) so afterwards the person feels distance from the trauma – as if they saw it in a film perhaps. The person is whole again and happy and able to create a life they love.  PTSD is not an end to life or careers, but simply a call for help and healing from an overburdened body and soul.

Healing for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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