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Healing for Frustration or Stuck in Life

One of the comments I hear from clients most often is, ‘I just feel stuck, but I can’t get out of it and I don’t know how to move forward.’ Being caught up in what is known as a ‘comfort zone’ often causes feelings of being stuck- often for many years. I think that ‘comfort zone’ is a ridiculous word for this state as it is normally a highly uncomfortable state in which to reside!

Another way to put it is dealing with ‘the devil you know.’ I call it the ‘known zone.’ For example, if we have been emotionally abused by our parents as a child, then it is quite common to find ourselves in later life in emotionally abusive relationships or friendships. This is a result of the ‘known zone,’ we know it, we know who we are in it, and therefore we stay in it. Moving forward sounds great but at the same time we can often be terrified of it. Who will we be in this new life? How will we act? And most importantly, what are the other gains (yes, there are gains!) in staying stuck?

All of these gains and zones have to be dismantled; original traumas need to be healed and soul retrieval and power retrieval techniques need to be utilised to bring a person back to wholeness. We then need to work together to envision this new, dream life and bring it into being through a process I created called the ‘Fulfilled State Process.’ Only then when the future self and life can be seen, will the person be able to unstick themselves and move on.

Healing for Frustration or Stuck in Life

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