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Dawn Paul - Shamanic Healer and author of A Healer Of Souls

Dawn Paul HeadshotThe truth is that we all come into this world as radiant and magnificent beings. Our lives are intended to be full of wonder, joy, laughter and love. We know who we are and why we are here - simply to become even brighter and more radiant. But often, somewhere along the line, something happens to us and we feel impelled to start hiding our true selves under layers of illusion and story. Initially, this is created as a protection. Eventually however, we ourselves come to forget who we truly are - we start to believe we are our stories, to think they are real. We create a false identity and false beliefs for ourselves, and then, because  subconscious beliefs always have to proven right, we receive what we believe to be confirmation from the Universe that we are indeed what we believe ourselves to be. We forget  that everything that happens to us is actually designed by our higher selves to teach us the lessons we chose to learn in this lifetime, and instead identify with our wounds, our pain and our traumas. 

The good news is that  shamanic healing - which is suitable for all people of all ages, backgrounds and religions - can heal our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic wounds in a very gentle, yet deep way. In addition, the process of  soul retrieval can return to use the vital aspects of self, personality and energy which can become lost through childhood and adult trauma.  Spiritual coaching them helps to integrate the work, to understand why our life has been the way it has - and how it can be made better - and remind us once more of the radiant, joyful beings we already are. Ultimately, shamanic healing helps us to heal our pasts and step into our healed and fulfilled states, ready to create lives of joy, fun, happiness and fulfilment.

We are living in powerful and important times, and whether we know it or not, we are all undergoing a process of transformation at the moment which can feel overwhelming. Before we can emerge as beautiful butterflies, we have to go through a great mulching, a stripping down of who we thought we were, and find within that quiet (but often hectic) space who we truly are and how we wish to live our lives. Again shamanic healing and soul retrieval can be of great assistance in that transformation process, helping us to fly, our unique colours blazing in the sun.(more below...)

Shamanic healing brings us a lightness of being and a feeling of being truly free. It also provides us with improved energy levels and better physical health because when we clear out energetic and emotional debris from our energetic field (or aura), we become brighter, our immune system is given a boost and also, through the Law of Attraction, we attract more positive situations and people to ourselves.  

I feel blessed to be able to assist people on their healing journey and with their personal development in my work as a shamanic healer. I am a Master Shaman of the Inca Tradition and a graduate of Alberto Villoldo's Healing the Light Body Programme. I also utilise other healing methods such as Spirit Release, Theta Healing, EFT, and Life Coaching and spiritual teaching. I am based in Hertfordshire in the UK, but I work worldwide over the phone, so distance is not a problem. All shamanic work is non-local, which means that the healing occurs in another dimension, so it makes no difference to the healing work if the person is right in front of me or in Australia. Also, it is not necessary for you to know what you need to have done. Before and during your session I utilise various divination methods which allow your mind and body to tell me exactly what you need to help you move forward. 

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Dawn Paul's article in Natural Health July 2010 - Peruvian Shamanism

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