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Healing for Increased Self-love and Self-care

I could write reams about how shamanic healing can help with issues around lack of self-love and self care and how important this is in order for us to move forward in life. If I am honest I think lack of self-love is at the root of all healing issues – no matter what has happened to us in the past.

When I work with clients we get to the root cause of the lack of self-love, we heal issues around this and then the person is able to move forward and create a life they love. In order to create this life we have to know that we are worth it, know we deserve it. And so often, we have never been told this, never been shown enough love and therefore we fail to love, honour and appreciate ourselves fully. But this is where we go wrong.

I help my clients to gain another, deeper perspective and understanding about their life and gain clarity about the things have happened to them, and how they can see this differently. For we are all on our soul’s journey and all here for our soul’s growth (whether we acknowledge this or not).

Healing for Increased Self-love and Self-care

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