Dawn Paul, Shamanic Healer - Testimonials

‘A Healer of Souls’ is a breath of fresh air in the self-help/spirituality world. When I finished reading it, I had a new sense of positivity, confidence, and joy.


I couldn’t put this book down. Dawn explains things so simply, everything is beginning to make sense. No matter what you think your problem is you will find answers in this book. It might even be life changing.


Quite frankly, this book is absolutely amazing.


I found so much of what she writes to resonate with me on a deeper level and reading the book has bought me a sense of calm, comfort and centredness.


After reading the book I felt uplifted and positive.


So many questions left unanswered in my life were address in this book. I will continue to use it as a ‘bible’ when seeking guidance and solace.


I have read hundreds of books on metaphysics, healing and self-awareness over the last 18 years and I would place this one in my top 5.

Mrs H

This book has had a profound impact on me. It answered so many questions that I thought could never be answered.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for accompaniment on their spiritual journey. The book is accessible to read but absolutely profound.


I have known Dawn for over 15 years and she has helped me and members of my family though some testing and emotional times, Her form of healing gets straight to the root cause of the problem – not just treating the symptoms.

More recently I went to see Dawn as I had developed a serious problem with both my achilles heels. After a couple of sessions we concluded that I was stuck in a job where I received little recognition and therefore felt stuck and unable to move forward, especially now the kids were getting older. I had previously been a senior manager in a global food company but after having two children, took a part time job with less responsibility to fit in with the family. After some work on a soul level with Dawn, I felt more confident about my abilities and was determined to look for a better position.

The outcome – I was offered two jobs at a much senior level and am now Head of Marketing. My achilles heel problem gradually disappeared within a few weeks. Dawn is amazing – a bit like Heineken, reaches the parts others can’t.


My experience with Dawn Paul has been very supportive and helpful, she is very professional and really does know her craft. She is very knowledgeable and helps you understand and get to grips with any issues with healing.Would definitely recommend her services.


I had no idea about Shamanic healing but after Dawn had worked with my husband and remotely with my daughter, I couldn’t deny the positive results. I had sessions for around a year and it has helped me in many ares of my life. It helped me to break through some mental blocks and overcome some ways of thinking that prevented me to move forward. It was totally worth it.


Dawn helped me heal from deep childhood traumas, which at times I thought were insurmountable. She was my last hope, every type of therapy I had tried had failed. She’s a wonder-worker, thanks to her I’m living a full live. I stopped surviving, I thrive! I highly recommend her. She will help you move on and leave your past behind.


Dawn is just wonderful. No matter how sceptical you may feel about choosing this journey, she will have a calming and reassuring effect on you from the moment you start speaking. With Dawn’s help and guidance I have started to transform my life into what it was truly meant to be and I will be continuously thankful for the day that I found her.


Dawn is a amazing shamanic healer who has helped me so much. I was very depressed and had lots of anxiety. Dawn has helped me clear and heal alot of past life and childhood traumas I feel fantastic after our sessions. I would highly recommend booking a session with dawn.


I don’t know how it works but I do feel different.
Dawn has made me realise that I can not find happiness from outside stuff. I have to go within.
If I sort my inside self out, my outside life will be better. Dawn helps me with this.
I have had lots of therapy in the past and this has to be the craziest In a good way.
My friends have definitely seen a massive shift in me and say I’m the happiness they have seen me for a long time.


Dawn Paul is an extremely powerful and gifted Shaman, I love working with Dawn. I highly recommend her, the transformations are deep, quick and lasting. I love the shamanic world and working with Dawn has helped me to connect to it on a much deeper level. She provides great support so you don’t need to worry or feel fear, which is what I used to feel until Dawn came into my life. I also highly recommend her book.


Although shamanism is an ancient practice, it is relevant to all of us today. We need to learn how to develop our perception to see how the challenges we endure are all part of the life adventure we signed up for. Dawn has helped to guide me in cultivating an attitude of acceptance in my journey and given me tools for daily living. Shamanism is suitable for everybody and highly recommended with Dawn who is a fantastic person and shaman.


Dawn has totally helped me through a very difficult and emotional transition in my life. I am so grateful for my sessions with her. I had tried other forms of healing like reiki, and while it felt lovely, the effect seemed to wear off and did not seem to go deep enough to clear the problems I was having. I came to Dawn after reading her book which almost fell into my hands in the local library, I am so glad it did . Dawn was lovely to talk to and I looked forward to talking with her before the session as much as the healing work we did. She has undergone a great deal of transformational work on herself through her training as a shaman and she was highly skilled at supporting my journey to get to the root cause of the challenges I was facing. Some of these have been related to past-lives and I don’t know how I could have cleared these issues without her help. I can highly recommend spending time with Dawn, you can’t put a price on freedom to live your life without the past weighing you down. So much love and blessings to you Dawn from Jo.

Jo, China

How can I ever thank you for putting my life back together? After severe depression for a couple of years, in two sessions with you I now feel really happy and motivated and all the darkness has gone. I could have spent years in therapy; you achieved it all in three hours. I feel that people like you are so rare and I feel honoured to have met you.

Mrs O, Herts