Or should I say to be more precise, can shamanic healing help heal Multiple Sclerosis, as I have worked worldwide as a shamanic healer now for nearly twenty years. During those years I have worked on people with MS and have seen amazing results. One young woman I worked with about 15 years ago – I will call her Isobel – was in such a bad way she spent most of her days in bed. She had been diagnosed with MS by her doctor – they believed it was due to her being exposed to radiation when she lived near the Chernobyl site some years previously. Life looked very bleak and empty for her. Fortunately, she lived with her boyfriend, and he took good care of her, but this was still no life for a young woman. She loved nature and missed being out in it, and she was also a highly creative person and loved cooking and making things but she simply didn’t have the energetic resources to be able to do these things.

During our shamanic healing sessions, I check my clients for over fifty different things which could be affecting them. This includes of course the health of the energetic (chakra) system, Inner Child work, Ancestral issues, Power Loss and Soul Loss, damage to the energy field such as portals, crystallised energy and schisms, the negative effects of Past Lives, whether the client is grounded and centred, and I also check the energy of the person’s house and surrounding area.

What came up regularly with Isobel were Inner Child issues, Past Life issues, blocked chakras in the lower half of the body which were created by blocked emotions. These blocks also caused her to struggle to ground (to connect to the Earth).

My work is a little like building a house, we have to work in an order to create firm foundations before we go onto the things that rebuild us and make us whole, like power retrieval and soul retrieval. And the first foundations we make is to improve the health of the energy field and get the person grounded.

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Being grounded (connected to the base chakra and feet to the Earth) and centred (having ‘ourselves’ our ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’) residing inside the body rather than floating around in or above the head is very important for everyone and super important for people with MS, because our bodies rely on energy to survive and be healthy. Some of our energy comes from food of course, but a huge amount of energy comes from the Earth. We bring it in through the feet and our grounding cord which attaches to the base of the spine. Additionally, our crown chakra (at the top of our head) needs to be clear to receive light energy from the Divine. All these energies feed our physical body and promote health.  Isobel had been disconnected from these energies. Once we reconnected her, she immediately felt she had more energy.

Then we focused on healing her Inner Children. Our inner child selves of varying ages (0-13) reside in our base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. These inner children, particularly the child in the sacral chakra, are super important for health as they represent the consciousness of our body (yes, our body has its own consciousness). Once these inner children are healed and happy then the health of the body naturally improves. The child can also provide useful information about what is causing the body to be ill and what it needs to get better.

But what stuck out for me most of all with Isobel is the amount of unhealed past lives she had. And at this point I apologise if you don’t believe in past lives, but after nearly twenty years working as a shamanic healer, I can assure you that we have them whether you believe in them or not. In many past lives (and we often have hundreds) perhaps we live easy, happy lives and we ‘cross over’ or go to heaven when we die. These lifetimes will not negatively affect us in future lifetimes. But in a small percentage of those lifetimes, we can experience difficult experiences, losses, grief, illness, trauma, betrayals, woundings, accidents, we make poor life choices, we wound or even kill others….the list is endless. Additionally, I often see that a person has been killed in a past life, and it is so sudden that they don’t realise they have died, so an aspect of them (there are many aspects to us!) is still living trapped in that lifetime, not realising it is over, caught in limbo between this world and the next.

You may ask, why am I going on so much about healing past lives?

It is important to remember that for all of us, our body’s natural state is health. Our body strives to keep us well by carrying out millions of processes every second of our lives.

Often, when the body goes ‘wrong,’ this is our body’s cry for help, and I see very often that the body is trying to get deeper issues healed (effects of ancestral woundings sent to us through our DNA and energetic cords, or past life trauma etc) by creating an issue, disease or condition, such as MS, or cancer for example. The problem with Western medicine is that is focuses on what is presented – the tumour, or disease, or rash- whatever it is that the body creates. But a shaman understands the immense – and it really is immense – intelligence of the body.

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

What needs to be remembered is that we are not really our body. We are energy or ‘Spirit’, if you like, having a human experience in a physical body. When we die in one life, our energy body (aura) leaves that body and goes to ‘heaven,’ has a life ‘audit’ decides what it wants to experience next and then reincarnates into another baby in the womb, taking with it all the damage, traumas, wounds and blocks from all other lifetimes with it in the energy field. The damage or wounds that occur in the past life are carried through the energy field to the new body. Our physical body is just born, new, fresh, but our energy field we bring into it is ancient and damaged. If we have had a run of great lifetimes, perhaps we will be ok and stay healthy, but it is rare to have such a good run because the reason we incarnate is to evolve as souls, and there is not a lot of soul growth obtained from an easy life!

The body knows that energy blocks (caused through past life trauma) affect physical (and mental) health, so it will create an issue in the hope that we will go on our healing journey, because it still operates in an ancient way. And shamanic healing is an ancient way, said to be about 50,000 years old. What the body doesn’t anticipate is that we will ignore its call for deep healing, (normally emotional/spiritual healing), and instead trot off to the doctor who will treat our symptom. But the symptom is not normally what the body wants healed. This is why as a shaman; I search for the root of the issue. If we liken healing an issue to a dandelion, growing in the middle of our lawn, western medicine can often snap off the flower and the leaves so there is nothing visible left of our problem. But we all know that in a fortnight we will have a new dandelion. I feel the benefit of shamanic healing are that it ignores what is visible (flower/leaves) and instead focuses on the root. We pull the dandelion out by its root, then, no more dandelion!

In working with Isobel, I saw time and again a past life pattern (because the energy field is constant, it is likely to attract the same patterns to us again and again) in which she damaged or snapped her spine. I worked with her many years ago now, so I cannot remember them all but two stand out in my mind. In one lifetime she was a huge and powerful knight, famous for his jousting abilities. This lifetime was very real to her still, she saw it vividly and witnessed herself in that lifetime being knocked off her horse by her opponent and falling awkwardly to the ground, snapping his spine and becoming paralysed from the neck down. We healed this past life self and almost immediately her health improved. (What was remarkable about this session was that Isobel had also suffered with a permanent rash on her forearms and hands, particularly between her fingers. When we went to heal the rash we found that energetically, she was still wearing the knight’s leather gauntlets under which there was a kind of bandaging between the fingers and some sort of fabric inner glove. When I removed this for her, the rash went).

Another lifetime I remember her telling me about (my clients are deeply relaxed in a light trance state in sessions) was when she was a youngish woman and she fell down a deep ravine. In this lifetime she not only damaged her spine but also suffered a head wound which killed her. We found her past life self still at the bottom of the ravine, not realising she had died. We healed her and sent her to heaven, and again after this session Isobel regained even more of her strength and vitality and moved forward in leaps and bounds.

I can’t remember exactly how quickly she healed, but I remember it was fast. I was delighted the day she opened her own bridal/jewellery shop in the city where we both lived. She made beautiful tiara’s, earrings, necklaces as well as handmaking a wide array of bridal stationary. She loved her little shop and glowed with radiant health and happiness. I was also delighted to be invited to her wedding. Isobel lived a full and happy life, honouring herself and her creativity. And she is just one happy example of the people with MS I have worked with.

Wanting to write this article I tracked Isobel down through social media and asked if I could share her experience and asked how she was now. She wrote that she had only suffered with a blood sugar issue, a rib issue and a cold! She told me she had worked for years in a school and had also trained to be a masseuse and was also enjoying creating for her online cookery class. While she was not 100% – who is – she wrote to say that she was able to live her life fully. Sweetly she wrote ‘I cannot even imagine how my life would be without your help, I would still be in bed!’

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

I am currently working on a MS client in the USA, who is making gradual progress. This client did not have any difficult past life issues, but had struggled with feeling different in life and struggled in social situations. When we fear life, our body will create an illness for us which enables us to stay ‘safe’ by requiring us to stay home. Additionally this lady had a very poor view of herself, completely lacking in self love, and also punished herself with huge feelings of guilt for the way she and her partner got together. As we work to unwind her fear and guilt, she is slowly regaining her strength and balance and she is already much happier in her life. So there is often not one reason for a disease, we have to go ‘digging’ to find the root.

Scientists say they don’t know what causes MS and that there is no cure for it. And we have to agree with them. What we do know is that MS is an auto-immune disease where the body starts attacking itself, destroying the myelin sheath that covers the nerves and causing scarring. My question is, why would the body start to attack itself? What is it trying to tell us? What needs to be addressed?  Maybe it is trying to tell us something. It is always good to listen to our body). According to the MS Society website, (  our brain has special cells called Oligodendrocytes which can regenerate myelin so hopefully a complete cure is not far away. My view of the body is that, if it has created something, it can uncreate it. It is often said that the body holds everything it needs to heal itself within it. We just have to create the right environment for it to heal itself by doing our personal healing work and living as cleanly and as healthily as possible in order to support our body and its healing processes.

There are many ways we can do this.  Do make sure you have a balanced diet high in healthy fats, (olive oil, coconut oil etc ) – as these fats are essential for nerve health as they protect the myelin sheath. Reduce toxicity in your home environment by switching to natural cleaning products and avoid chemical candles, diffusers and air fresheners. Create balance in the body by ensuring a healthy gut – because our immune system is affected by our gut health. Make sure you get enough sunshine or have plenty of Vitamin D. Take vitamins and minerals to supplement health – a nutritionist can guide you on optimum diets for MS. Take gentle exercise, such as walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi, or gardening. Connect to the earth – there is a free exercise on my blog which helps you to ground and centre. Most of all, support your immune system by relaxing. You could take up meditation, have massages, pray to whoever or whatever you believe in (as long as it’s something! I have seen that this is really important for health).  Journaling is also a great way to heal and deal with our emotions so treat yourself to a nice one and write your thoughts down before you sleep so you get everything out of your head. Most of all, spend quality time with the people you love, and make sure you DO the things that you love!

If you would like to book an appointment with me so we can try and get to the ‘root of the dandelion’ please go to the appointments page of my website, or call me on 07748 361210.

Blessings to you!