The Effects of Past Lives and How They Can Be Healed

By Dawn Paul, Master Shaman

“How am I affected by my past lives” is a question I have heard time and again in my over 15 years as a shamanic healer. Past Lives affect us all in some way – whether we believe in them or not! It is important to understand the effects of our past lives and how they can affect – and even sometimes significantly disrupt us – in our current lifetime. Please be assured that not believing in the concept of past lives does not mean that we will not be affected by them!

I do understand that this is a concept that many will struggle with. The other day I was at my Mothers house, my brother and my mum’s partner were there and somehow the subject came up. My mum said she believed that ‘we’ – our spirit – becomes absorbed into Nature when we die. My brother said no, when you are dead, you are dead, that’s it, nothing more. I commented that it was a bit unfair then if we have one lifetime and find ourselves starving in a remote village in Africa. He replied, ‘Life is tough.’ My mum’s partner said it was all rubbish (although he didn’t use those exact words).  I have seen many clients that have zero belief in past lives but find themselves significantly affected by them in this lifetime.

Other clients become very interested in the ego aspects of past lives, wanting to know who they were, hoping that it was someone famous like Cleopatra for example.  I have to say in all the years I have been working worldwide as a shamanic healer, helping thousands of people with their emotional, physical and past life issues, I have never come across a famous past life person yet!

And if I am completely honest, before I came to this work I didn’t have a strong view on reincarnation either. I did believe that we carry on in some way, but until I started working on clients I had no idea that we could be so severely affected by past lives.

However, I would like to point out that not all of our past lives cause us problems! To give an example, lets say we have had twenty past lives. 19 of those lifetimes may have been fine – perhaps we worked hard, had a family, were pretty much content and died in old age. These past lives will not have caused us any problems at all. It’s that one lifetime, where we were traumatised in some way during our lifetime, subsequently died and did not rest in peace that causes us problems.  These are the lifetimes that need healing and they can cause a wide range of problems for us, on many different levels of our being. I will attempt to explain the range of problems in more detail below to make this more clear. Some examples of our traumatised past life ‘selves’ that I have come across include;

  • People who were killed suddenly
  • People who were betrayed (by their loved ones or their community)
  • People who were accused of doing something they didn’t do
  • People who died leaving children behind
  • People who died in childbirth
  • People who died suddenly and felt they had abandoned their family
  • People who were wrongly accused of something (witch trials come up very strongly in past life healing)
  • People who ‘lost’ an aspect of themselves before dying (this could be self love, pride, self respect, confidence, self esteem, joy, or healing abilities for example)
  • People who were killed and then had their body treated disrespectfully – for example thrown into a pit with other bodies, or beheaded
  • People who die with significant regret or guilt
  • People who die by suicide (they believe they will not be allowed into heaven so they tend to stay stuck)
  • People who were very religious or devout and perhaps died horribly as a direct result of their beliefs – but believed that they would be saved by the Divine at the last minute so felt deeply betrayed that they were actually ‘allowed’ to die – (this is highly common!)
  • People who feel they ‘failed’ somehow in their lifetime, – perhaps a house burnt down and they could not save the people in the house, or they made a wrong call and lost their fortune and self respect, or their tribe died because they were not there to defend it (also common)

And so on…..

This is just a small example of common themes which arise when healing our past life selves.

How Do We Move From Lifetime to Lifetime?

It is generally accepted that our physical body is surrounded by what is known as an ‘energy body, ’ often referred to as an ‘aura.’ Images of Jesus Christ normally depict his aura, a glow around him (or sometimes just his head). Imagine the aura as an egg-shaped glowing light around us, secured into the body through the chakra system – the seven wheels of energy that run from the crown of our head all the way to the base of the spine (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras).

There are many chakras in the body, over 500, – but most healing modalities focus on these seven main chakras. Our chakra system and our energy body needs to be kept clean and clear so that we can enjoy good health. When we are traumatised in some way, ‘heavy’ energy gets trapped in our energy field and this can cause a variety of issues, including depression. Many spiritual teachings suggest that when we die, we leave our physical body behind and our ‘spirit,’ – our energy body including the chakras which hold information about all of our past experiences – rise up from our deceased body, taking all the information what has happened to us in the last, and previous lifetimes with it. Many people with psychic vision report seeing the chakra system leave the physical body like a ‘string of lights.’

This energy body then returns to the light, or the spirit world, and after a period of time during which we learn and decide what we want to experience in our next lifetime, we incarnate into the body of a baby in the womb in order to experience a new lifetime and a new range of experiences. We take those ‘traffic lights of our chakras into the new body. So in fact, a baby is not a ‘fresh sheet’ or a ‘clean slate’ at all, it is imprinted by the effects of previous lifetimes from birth. This makes sense to me and matches what I have seen from working on thousands of clients over the years.

So, How Do Past Lives Affect Us?

Past lives can affect us in many ways:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Energetically
  • Spiritually

Past lives can affect us physically in many ways, for example;

  • We can have birthmarks (or congenital defects) in places were we were mortally wounded in our past lives. Many children who clearly remember their past lives and recall how they died often have birthmarks or discolouration in the areas where they were wounded. If this sounds crazy to you, the late Ian Stevenson PhD presented thirty years of his research into past lives and children in his book, ‘Reincarnation and Biology: A contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects.’* This book detailed research on 200 children who clearly remembered being other people in past lives and how they died and exhibited birthmarks or congenital defects identical to the past life wounding received. In many cases Dr Stevenson located the actual past life person the child claimed to be and obtained medical records which correlated with the injuries that the children reported and displayed on their bodies. Often clients with heart defects recall being wounded their in past lives.
  • Mysterious aches and pains that often defy medical treatment. These also indicate sites of mortal wounding – the actual weapons used to maim the body still exist in a crystallised form in the energy field (such as swords, pikes, spears, daggers or axes). These cause pain in that area – the body is actually trying to communicate the existence of these items to the person in the hope of getting the implement removed – the body is highly intelligent in this way . Once we remove the crystallised energy/weapon, the aches and pains ‘magically’ disappear.
  • Physical conditions such as mysterious rashes. As I mentioned above, the body is hugely intelligent and often tries its best to communicate with us, letting us know when something is not right. I have seen clients with rashes or persistent eczema in locations where past life items are located. For example one client had persistent eczema on her forearm, her hand and fingers. We found that energetically she was still wearing a leather gauntlet with protective bandaging underneath it (to prevent chafing we assumed) from a past life as a jousting knight! Energetically I removed these items and the eczema cleared in a couple of days later, never to return.

Physical Issues and Conditions

Many years ago I worked on a client who complained that every now and then, she would suddenly fall over, as if her feet had been cut from underneath her. She had spent years visiting hospitals and various specialists about this problem and no one could find a medical reason for it. We found that in a past life she had been kidnapped but had managed to run away. She was unfortunately caught and to prevent her from running again her Achilles tendons had been cut. This damage was still present in the energy field, and was affecting her physically. We healed the Achilles energetically and her past life self and she never fell over again.

I also had a client who suffered from ME for years. She was a young woman who spent most of her day in bed, no longer able to work. We found a plethora of past lives in which she had broken her spine, normally in falls. We worked on healing all of these distressed selves and energetically healed the spine. Within weeks she was better and even set up her own jewellery shop where she spent most of her day standing!

Physical Problems Caused by Past Lives

I had a client who had tried for many years to get pregnant without success. We worked on her healing and found a past life self who was working in a poor house. She had many children and seemingly no husband for some reason. She was exhausted and went without food in order to feed her children. She was very distressed about this situation. We helped to heal her and she was adamant she didn’t want my client to have children, because she didn’t want the same thing to happen to her. We had to educate her, and explain that my client (who had a fantastic job) would be well able to feed herself and any future children and that it was not her place to prevent my client going on her own life’s journey. The past life self understood and agreed to stop blocking my client, and we healed her. When the client returned for her next appointment the following month, she was pregnant, and went on to have a little girl.

Issues around Sex Caused By Past Lives

Many clients who have issues around sex or intimacy issues often have past lives that need healing. For example, they may have been kept in a harem in a past life and disconnected from their body at that point in order to do their job. Or, they might have been monks or nuns who have taken vows of celibacy and now find it difficult to connect to their sexual selves. Or they may have experienced some form of sexual abuse in a past life and their body continues to be closed down as a result of this.

Fears and Phobias caused by Past Lives

Many people suffer from fears and phobias due to unhealed past life traumas. I had a phobia about fleas all my life (though never actually saw one until I was about forty!) and also the sight of sharks make me feel faint. I believe I had a past life during the Plague, and came to an untimely end thanks to a shark. I know of a lady that had a morbid fear of water and drowning to the extent that she could not even wash her face, but in this lifetime there had not been any issues or problems around water. My guess was that if we worked on her she would have found a drowned or dunked past life self which needed healing.

Emotional Issues Caused by Past Lives

Many clients are unable to feel joy even though they have great lives. Often we find past lives selves who were traumatised in some way and had actually gotten rid of their joy (or their love/abundance/happiness/success etc, etc). So it is important to heal these past life selves and return these lost aspects of Self to them, so that my client can also have these resources returned to them.

Spiritual Problems Caused By Past Lives

Often, clients seek sessions with me because they feel ‘stuck’ in some way. They may perhaps want to leave a job and study something that can help people, such as healing, therapy, herbal medicine etc but find themselves paralysed by fears at the thought of making the leap, or already studying but procrastinating and having huge resistance to continuing coursework for example. This can often be caused by unhealed past life aspects of self which perhaps were persecuted in some way for their beliefs or practices in those times. Their unhealed past life self is simply blocking my client from moving forward as they feel this is ‘protecting’ them from experiencing whatever nastiness they had to endure.

Issues around standing up, stepping forward into the spotlight, becoming visible, ‘being counted’ can also be affected by unhealed past lives and can keep us stuck.

Financial Problems Caused by Past Lives

Often clients complain that they never seem to be able to accumulate any money, or they have money and then it’s gone again, or they become almost phobic at the thought of living abundantly or being successful. This can be caused by a past life self that was perhaps very rich and lost everything, or very rich and killed through jealousy, or even very rich and successful but became a horribly selfish and mean person as a result of their wealth which they now regret.

Power Problems Caused by Past Lives

One of the biggest problems clients seem to have is that of owning their power, standing in it and shining brightly and using their power to create a new life perhaps, or a business or creative project, or even standing up for themselves in relationships. This is normally caused by a past life where my client has had a degree of power and abused it in some way. Again, the guilt this person felt when they died and realised how badly they had treated others would cause them to prevent their ‘this life’ self from making the same mistake – by blocking them from standing in and using their own power.


The good news is that all of these past life issues can be healed easily and gently. It is such a relief for clients when the past life self leaves their energy field and they can move forward in life, free of all blocks. It is important to understand that our unhealed past life selves continue to be trapped in whatever circumstance we find them in – sometimes hundreds or in some cases, thousands of years later! They are still experiencing whatever is going on for them at that time and normally this is highly unpleasant. We continue to pick up on these feelings through our unconscious or subconscious minds. For example, a person can be wracked by guilt in this lifetime, but they have nothing to actually feel guilty about. Our unhealed past life selves are not malevolent at all, remember they are our past life selves, they are aspects of us, not entities of some kind, but they do exist in our energy field and they do affect us and can, as seen above, block us from moving forward, being a certain way or from having something we want such as children, success, or abundance. They feel that they are trying to protect us from experiencing what they went through. They don’t understand that this can be distressing for us they don’t realise that we need to be free – to go on our own journeys and have our own successes or failures – so we learn. The body is also painfully aware of their existence hence it tries to bring them to our attention, by causing us pain, allowing physical symptoms to arise or blocking us from moving forward in some way. When the past life self is healed and sent to heaven, the body can heal and our circumstances can change. Sadly the medical profession do not understand this aspect of ourselves and how the body tries its best to make us aware of the existence of past life selves, instead focusing on the phobia, the rash, the pain or whatever – but these are just the symptom of something needing healing on a much deeper level.

Additionally, as detailed above, it is important to understand that our past lives selves can get rid of valuable aspects of themselves in that lifetime, which means that we incarnate without those aspects. So for example, let’s say that our past life self, a female kept in a harem, has to get rid of her self-respect and self-esteem and connection to her body, so she can do her job – what is expected of her. When we then re-incarnate, we do not have a connection to our body, our self-respect or self-esteem and we wonder why? This unhealed aspect of self can also cause us significant problems by attracting inappropriate sexual advances towards ourselves in this lifetime. This is because energetic information held as imprints in the energy field (the harem vibration and resonance) is stored in our energy field and other people can pick up on it subconsciously, and act on it! So part of the healing process that I carry out when working with past life selves is to restore to the self these lost aspects so the current life self can have all of the resources it needs to move forward in life happily and successfully.

Please note that these incidents do occur – whether we believe in past lives or not!

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Please remember, Dawn will check you for fifty different things which might be adversely affecting you at your session and she will obtain all the information she needs from this diagnosis to help you to heal. If past lives are affecting you she can help you, if it’s something else, she will find it!