Have you ever walked into a house and immediately gone ‘EW!?’ I know I have (and it has nothing to do with the decor!) It could be a house that I have been considering purchasing, the house of a friend or relative, an office space or even a building such as a restaurant or pub.

This is because buildings absorb, and are deeply affected by, energy.

I am a master shaman of the Andean tradition (Peru) and I work worldwide helping people to heal past traumas and then return them to wholeness and help them to move forward in life. In my tradition, we understand that there are only two types of energy.

‘Sami’ Energy – light, refined energy, which is normally created by nature.

Hucha’ Energy – dense, heavy energy, which is normally created by man (usually by negative thoughts and/or actions).

In my healing work with clients I am constantly clearing ‘hucha’ from people’s energy field and chakras and replacing it with light, refined sami energy.

At the beginning of each healing session I use divination methods to check people for over fifty different things that could be affecting them, which helps me to get to the very root of their issues. This is the goal of shamanic healing, to get to the very root of a person’s issues.

Included in the checklist of fifty things that can affect a person is ‘are the energies in their house clear?’ and ‘are the energies surrounding their house clear?’ Very often, I find that if a person is dealing with physical or mental illness or emotional issues, it is common to find that their house is full of heavy energy. This is particularly noticeable in cases when my client is suffering from cancer. And it’s not only the heavy energy in the house that causes problems. Very often when I ask a client with cancer about the state of their house they make comments such as, ‘There’s stuff everywhere, I’ve been meaning to have a good throw-out for years but I haven’t gotten around to it,’ or, ‘ I’m a bit of a hoarder, actually.’

It is very important to remember that that everything in our world is a reflection of us, of who we are inside, hence the ancient axiom, ‘As above, so below, as within, so without.’ (For more on this and much more, please refer to my book, ‘A Healer of Souls’ which is available on Amazon. You can read more about my book by following the link at the end of this article).

This is particularly the case with our homes; they reflect who we are energetically, physically, psychically and emotionally. This is not by any means a new concept, for example the Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui – which has been around for approximately 5,000 years – focuses on how the relationship between a person and their environment influences a person’s well-being ….on all levels of their being, their health, happiness, success, and personal relationships to name  but a few.

I believe these principles are easily demonstrated, whether we believe in such philosophies as Feng Shui or not. If we imagine a depressed person, do we see them in a sparkling clean and clear house? If we have a colleague who is completely scatty, do they have a Zen-like desk, or a desk piled high with clutter and paperwork? If we imagine a monk, or a master of mediation, do we envision them surrounded by piles of belongings, with ornaments and bric a brac everywhere? Or do we see them in a very simple, clear, peaceful environment? If you think about the people you know, I am sure you will most often see their personality reflected in their homes.

Imagine that you have decided to buy a new home. You have decided on an area, a budget and the sort of property you desire. If the property is a new build, then (assuming the land underneath and around it is relatively happy) it should be fairly clear energy wise. But most of us buy homes that other people have lived in, normally for some time. My house is over 200 years old, so lots of people have lived here before me!

But please, do bear in mind the former residents! They may have lived in your potential new home for many decades. During those years – as is common for all of us – they may have been through many emotional ups and downs in their lives. They may have experienced illness, loss, grief, depression, anger, divorce, loneliness – or they may have even died in the property. And the house will have absorbed all that heavy energy – all that hucha.

So whenever I am buying a house, I always ask to meet the vendors face to face. I ask them about their experience of living in the house and whether they have had a happy life in it. Happy people tend to have happy houses, so it’s definitely worth checking this out!

Additionally, the previous tenants may have extended the property and disturbed land energies causing disruption. For example, I had a client who had extended the ground floor of their house. The new extension was full of heavy energy, no one wanted to go into it and there was a lot of disturbance in the house – doors slamming and lights flickering. We discovered that this was because the house – which was fairly new – had been built on the site of an old battlefield. The extension had disturbed the spirits of deceased soldiers who then caused the disturbance in the house as they were seeking help for release.

But let us imagine that you have bought your house, brand new, built on ground that does not have any negative energies attached to it. You then move in. You bring all of your furniture and possessions into this house from your old house and life. These items will carry an energetic frequency, because quite simply, everything carries an energetic frequency. Everything vibrates at a certain rate, physics teaches us this. So we have to consider the energy of the things we bring into our house too. Maybe we like antique furniture? These items may have been in another family’s house for generations – what happened in that house? Was it a happy house? My mother likes to find ‘bargains’ in charity shops and often brings an ornament (or ten) home. While she does of course wash and clean these items…. what energies do they hold?

Or perhaps you are moving into your new house because you have split up from your husband or wife and you have gone through a bitter divorce. You are looking for a new start, yet you when you move in with your old furniture you are bringing old energy into your new home!

Or, lets imagine that you bought a house that had clear energies, but you have gone through a difficult time since you moved in – this too will create heavy energies. We have all entered rooms minutes after someone has had a row in it and know how awful that feels. But if you and your partner are frequently rowing, this heavy energy will be accumulating.

Many of us know how to clean our houses physically – vacuuming, mopping floors, sterilising work surfaces in the kitchen – but we don’t realise we also have to clean them and the things in them energetically as well! This blog post tells you how!

Of course, there is no point in energetically clearing a house that has not been cleared or cleaned physically. So this is the first point.

How to make your home clean and energetically clear

1) Have a huge throw – out

So the starting point is to have a very good clear out of all the things that you do not use or no longer need. If it’s been a while since you last did this, it can feel overwhelming! May I suggest that you focus on one room at a time, your bedroom is normally best, and clearing it can help to improve your sleep.

The Japanese organisational consultant Marie Kondo, author of the slightly challenging but very helpful book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,’ suggests tackling such a challenge in an order. Start off with clothing (Marie suggests you pile up ALL clothing you own on your bed and then hold each item to see if it makes you feel joyful, or if you love the item). The rule I use is, ‘have I worn it in the last year, and do I feel good when I wear it?’ I have noticed incidentally, that I tend to always wear the newest items I have bought. The key here is to be a bit strict with yourself. If you haven’t worn it for a year, the chances are you won’t. You might be upset because it cost a lot (you can always sell items on eBay or to dress agency rather than sending it to a charity shop), but what I try to do is think of the pleasure that item would give to someone else and that makes it easier to let go.

The next group of items to look at are books. Marie suggests you only keep 30! When thinking about getting rid of books and ornaments etc, remember that everything you own has an energy line connected to it, from you. Are you really going to read those books again? I’m an avid reader so I’m always letting go of books, I try to pass them on to people who would enjoy them and I only keep my very favourites.

Documents are next on the list! So yes, its time to go through all of your paperwork. Don’t forget to shred or burn anything that details your personal information.

And then focus on what Marie calls ‘komono’, which is basically miscellany, yes, that’s right, all those bits and bobs in your bedside cabinet, and that draw full of electrical leads you no longer have the equipment for!

Last, and perhaps most difficult on the list are momentos. I remember struggling over a rather ugly vase of my grandmothers; I kept it because it was hers. Then I realised I wasn’t going to ever forget my lovely granny,  so I could let go of the vase.

Don’t forget areas such as garages and lofts – both of which tend to be areas in which we store the most clutter! Again, break this down if it’s easier. I remember struggling to get the loft in my old house cleared, I would take a long weekend off work in order to do it – but it always felt overwhelming when I went up there and I couldn’t bear the thought of all the mess.

Eventually, I decided I would deal with it in bite-sized pieces. I would reserve just ONE hour each day to do it. I started at one side and did one box at a time. I bought plastic storage crates and bubble wrap and packed and marked boxes up properly, nicely storing the things I really wanted to keep. I got rid of a LOT of stuff, but it felt manageable and I took things to the charity shop a bit at a time. You can use this strategy in your garage as well, just go in, start at the front left side and start working your way around. I was amazed how quickly and painlessly my loft got sorted! And it paid off, because I don’t have a loft in this house, so it would have made moving house much more painful if I hadn’t done it!

2) Have a big spring clean (even if its winter!)

Next comes the big clean. You can also do this as you go along; so as you empty out a drawer for example, clean it before you put the things you want to keep back in. I think it’s also nice to use scented drawer-liners in drawers that store clothing. Be vigilant with the spring cleaning, move the bed away from the wall and hoover underneath it as well, clean the skirting boards, get rid of those cobwebs! If possible, try to use products that are non-toxic – to you and the environment. Your home should already be feeling much nicer!

3) Make some noise!

Now I know this is going to sound strange, but the first part of the cleansing process is to break up the heavy energy that has accumulated in your house – particularly in the corners – using SOUND. Imagine lots of layers of heavy energy condensing over time, ending up like hardened toffee – to start the clearing process you need to break up the toffee. To break up the heavy energy in my home I use a Tibetan bell (Dorje Meditation Bell), I also have Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals which have a beautiful sound. The basic idea is that you enter the house via the front door (open a window in each room first) and then go around each room in a clockwise direction, ringing the bells/cymbals constantly, paying particular attention to where energy might get stuck, such as corners, (particularly at ceiling level) the tops of cupboards, under work surfaces, inside closets, under stairs etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have bells or cymbals (although they are nice things to have in your home), if all else fails, you can use an old metal saucepan and a wooden spoon, bashing the pan all around each room (warn the neighbours first!). Use your intent that this sound breaks up the heavy energy. Make sure you go round the whole house; don’t forget basements/cellars/loft spaces and garages (which will by now be all clean and tidy!).

4) Its time to Smudge!

After you’ve broken up the compacted energy, its time to start ‘smudging’. This is sacred Native American process that utilises a ‘smudge stick,’ which is normally a bundle of dried white sage that is tied together with thin cotton. These are easily available online. You can also purchase bundles made of lavender or sweet grass, but I much prefer to use White Sage. You can buy large smudge sticks or smaller bundles but you might prefer to start off using the smaller sticks until you get used to the process – you will need to purchase more however.

Please do remember this is a sacred practice, so do give yourself plenty of time to carry out the ceremonial cleansing and blessing of your home. Make sure you cleanse yourself in the shower beforehand and be mindful when you are carrying out the cleansing ceremony – you might like to focus on your breath and your intent to cleanse your home.

As in all ceremonies, a number of items are used which all have a sacred meaning. To smudge in the traditional way, all the elements are represented.

The smudge stick itself represents EARTH

The smudge stick is held over a beautiful abalone shell, this represents WATER

The smudge stick is lit from the flame of a candle, this represents FIRE

The fragrant smoke from the stick is wafted around the room using a feather, this represents AIR.

You can buy ‘smudge kits’ online – these normally consist of an abalone shell, a smudge stick, and a large feather, so you just need to get a large candle.

How to smudge your space.

Light a candle, preferably a thick church candle on a fireproof base or candlestick.

Hold the abalone shell in your hand, by the thickest edge.

Set light to the end of the smudge stick, the right end to light is the end with folded leaves of sage, the rounded end. The stems of the sage should be in your hand. This all should be held together by cotton thread.

After the end of the stick has caught fire, waft out the flames. The stick will immediately start to release a beautifully fragrant smoke. Hold the smudge stick over the shell using your left hand (see photo). Hold on tight! The burning end needs to be over the shell as burnt leaves and flakes will fall from the bundle and be collected in the shell, rather than floating down and burning your lovely carpet. DO please pay attention! With your other hand, pick up your large feather. Move into position, start at the left side of each room as you enter and work your way around moving clockwise, all the time wafting the fragrant smoke around the room with the feather. Use your intent that the sage cleanses your home. I say a mantra, ‘Spirit of the Sage, please clear this house of all heavy energies and bless it with your fragrance,’ repeatedly throughout the whole process.  I stay focused on what I am doing the whole time and also watch for any falling ash.  (Also please be careful if you are standing on stools or chairs while reaching up towards the ceiling).

After a while you might find that the smoke stops, so you will need to relight the bundle. The best way to do this is to use the sharp INSIDE edge of the shell near the whorl, to scrape off the majority of burnt sage; it will then be much easier to relight. Then go back to where you left off and continue the process until the whole house is done. It will take a while so do give yourself plenty of time.

When you have finished if it is VERY important to make sure the sage bundle is out completely. I effectively suffocate the bundle by pushing the burnt end hard into the whorl end of the shell, which is perfectly shaped for this purpose. Hold it there for a couple of minutes and press hard. You should not see any smoke at all, or any glowing sage inside the bundle. Then to be on the safe side, press it into the whorl of the shell again and wait a couple of minutes. Then I suggest you leave the bundle in a flameproof dish to be sure it is completely out and leave it there for a good hour before putting it away (you can use it again). Wait until the ash in the shell is completely cool before disposing of it.

Your home will now be filled with a fragrant, sacred smoke, which will dissipate over time.

When I have helped my clients to go through this process, they always remark that it makes their home feel bigger somehow – this is also how I feel every time I smudge my home, that it is bigger and fresher. You won’t notice the difference straight away but you normally will when you return to your home after being out for a while.

5) Soak up any residual energy

To clear up any remaining heavy energy, purchase bunches of white flowers – I find that white carnations are best. Put bunches of them in the main rooms of your house in vases or glasses of water. They should last a good week to ten days. If there is a lot of residual energy in your home then they will die quite quickly, so keep rebuying carnations until they last at least a week.

You can also light white candles in each room, but please don’t leave them unattended.

Finally, small dishes of sea salt in each room will also absorb any remaining heavy energy.

Your home should now feel wonderful and light! Even better, YOU should feel wonderful and light and also less stressed, as your home will be a beautiful sanctuary in which you can fully recharge. You can repeat the smudging process as you see fit, once a quarter is nice. You home will love you for it and your mental and physical

health should improve in a clutter free home! Enjoy!

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