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I hope you find it helpful. As mentioned in my little video, shamanic healing can help everyone, with everything! So you don’t need to worry if this work will be suitable for you or not. I spent 25 years searching for the most efficient and effective healing system – something that would truly get to the root of a person’s issues, heal it on all levels of their being and additionally return them to wholeness.

I eventually found this in shamanic healing tradition following my initiation onto the shamanic path following a vision I received at Machu Picchu in 2004 and I have been working worldwide as a shaman since then. Shamanic healing is the oldest form of healing on our planet – it is about 50,000 years old – and it continues to thrive today. Additionally, it is suitable for everyone – my client’s range in age from 8months to 84 years old and come from all backgrounds, races and religions. I have worked with Hollywood ‘A’ listers, royalty, politicians, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, spiritual teachers, military service people, housewives and children.

Imagine a life in which you are completely radiant, full of the joy of your own unique, authentic being. A life in which you are fulfilled and happy on all levels of your being – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually, as well as thriving in your chosen career and your personal relationships. If this sounds like a pipe dream to you then I can tell you that not only is this possible, but it is your birthright to live like this! Indeed, your main purpose in life – the reason you are here – is to let go of your story and your false beliefs about who you are and shine your own unique light brightly in this world. This to me is what our spiritual/healing journey (and we are all on one whether we know it or not) is all about.

This work, along with its associated integration practices, helps people to not only heal, but thrive, to create lives that feel colourful, fun, happy, exciting, and most importantly, feeling right, no matter what their challenges in life have been. Additionally, it allows people to gain deep insights into the circumstances of their lives so that they can be understood from a higher perspective. Clients experience improved health, higher energy levels and increased confidence – in all areas of their life. They also find that they can attract more positive opportunities, circumstances and people into their lives.

The greatest benefit of this type of work is that it is ‘non-local,’ which means that the work actually takes place in another dimension, (this happens whether you are face to face with me or in Australia) therefore distance is no problem as the sessions can be carried out over the phone in the comfort of your own home. And the more relaxed you are the deeper you can go in your session.


So how does it work? Well, as I mentioned in the video, at your session I will check you for fifty different things which might be affecting you. I focus on assisting you on all levels of your being, because your life experiences have affected you on all levels of your being, – that’s mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual, and unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels. If we only try to heal on one level, for example the mental level through a talking therapy, all the other levels remain unhealed and it is hard for us to move forward. Shamanic healing works on most of these levels, and I use more modern healing techniques to fill in the small gaps so you not only heal, but come into a place of wholeness. And from there you can go on to create the life of your dreams!

What are those fifty different things I hear you asking! OK, I will share them with you.

Shamanic Healer Dawn Paul


First of all, and most importantly we look at your energy field and your chakras. Your energy field governs your health and also your mental well-being, and determines what you manifest in life, so its needs to be sparkly, flowing and clean. Oh, and the good news is – you will look younger when it’s all cleaned up! Trust me on that- people will comment! In your session I check the seven chakras in your body, the ones in your feet (to ensure you can ground properly) and the five above your head that link you to your Higher Self and the Divine.


These can be picked up from time to time if your energy field is damaged or weak. They are nothing to worry about but do need to be removed as they can affect you negatively.

Luminous Body Cleanse

This is needed when the entire energy body is heavy like tar, and you need a good spring clean!

ET Implants

Crazy, yes I know. But they exist etherically and are very disruptive, making the mind super busy and draining our energy. I don’t come across them too often but removing them really makes a huge difference to my clients who are normally born with them or have them implanted as children.


This underworld represents the unconscious realm, the deepest parts of our mind. Why is it important to look at the unconscious mind? Imagine children’s wooden brick toys stacked up. The bottom one is the unconscious mind, and this is the one on which all the others stand – the subconscious, conscious (our everyday thinking state) and our superconscious, so if this is full of heaviness all the others will be affected.

Grounding and Centering

This is very important, not only for health but also for decision making and clarity. Grounding is the way in which the body should be connected to the earth, centering is actually bringing ourselves into the body to inhabit it (rather than floating around our heads). There is a great article in my blog on grounding you can read it by clicking HERE.

Inner Child Work

Inner child work is super important as if our inner children are not happy, there is no way we will be happy. Strange as it might sound, we carry our inner children |9who are often wounded) with us, at different ages in different chakras. Often they are living in darkness, still holding onto the traumas of our past. So in order to heal ourselves fully, we need to heal them fully and nurture them. They are incredibly powerful and if unhappy can cause many problems for us, including the creation of ill health in order to get our attention. This work is brilliant and as the children heal, so do you. Additionally, we obtain our childlike enthusiasm and energy for life back.

Subtle Bodies

You are aware you have a physical body but you also have about 27 subtle bodies which surround it and extend into the higher dimensional planes of consciousness. These include for example, the electrical body, the astral body, the mental body, the causal body, the magnetic body and many others. They should all be in alignment around us, but often they can be scattered and this leaves us feeling scattered and, as my Grandmother used to say, ‘discombobulated.’ The subtle bodies normally need something to snap them back into balance, often this is a fragrance or a colour (these are both actually vibrations of light). There is also a great exercise that  I have provided on my YouTube channel, which brings the subtle body into alignment, here is the link.

Shamanic Healer Dawn Paul


We are the product of not only our parents but ALL of our ancestors and ALL of their experiences. I often see that a client is stuck in life, keeps repeating the same pattern, or has a physical problem and this is down to an unhealed ancestor who continues to send their negative energy to us through ancestral cords or our DNA. I once had a client with a terribly painful knee, when I tracked it back it was to an ancestor who had been kneecapped during torture. We healed the ancestor, and the knee was fine almost immediately. This is terribly important work and can have remarkable results, not only for you, but for your ancestors and your descendants.


As mentioned above, we can have cords to ancestors or to others, including lovers. Cords keep us connected to people and drain our energy, so it is essential they are cleared.

Subconscious Beliefs

Why is it so important to correct our negative subconscious beliefs? Because despite popular opinion, it is our subconscious beliefs that create our entire reality. I use more of a modern healing technique which utilises muscle testing to identify these beliefs, then I can remove them and replace them with the healed belief. This work is an essential add-on to the shamanic healing because you will not be able to move forward in life with negative beliefs about yourself or the world.

For example, if you are sick and want to be well, if you have a subconscious belief ‘it is not safe for me to be well,’ then you simply will not be well until the belief is cleared, no matter how much healing work you do. Or if you want a relationship but have a belief ‘it is not safe for me to be in a relationship,’ you will never find that man. Please bear in mind these are SUB-conscious beliefs, so you will not be consciously be aware of them hence the need for muscle testing.

Shamanaic Healer Dawn Paul

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs when we suffer from trauma, (either in this life or former lives). We literally lose parts of ourselves and our energy. The reason that I love shamanic healing is that not only does it work on healing people on all levels of their being, through the process of soul retrieval, it also restores them to wholeness. My teacher used to say that one SR session is worth five years of therapy! It really is remarkably healing and also provides us with gifts and resources which help us to move forward in life. There is an article in my blog on Soul Retrieval, to read it click HERE.


Imagine that you are surrounded by an egg-shaped energy field. This is your aura. It provides you with energy and protection. Sometimes, we can create an escape route out of our body, a corridor if you like. The problem with corridors is that they are two-way, as we leave our bodies, the physical body is left vulnerable and can receive a visit from other energies that are not so positive for us. These need to cleared up and sealed. People who have portals can feel not very present, floaty, and drained.

Upper World

Interestingly, all shamanic traditions work with three worlds, the middle world (this one) and the upper and lower ones. (note the lower worlds are not a hell-like place, they are just different worlds connected to different levels of consciousness). The Upper World is connected to our superconscious self. Often, we can send parts of ourselves, or vital resources back there, or we can leave bits of ourselves behind there. To be whole and happy we need all parts of ourselves back within us!


It is important to test for this as it does affect people. I do not specialise in this area but can help to refer you to someone who does if you are affected by it.


  • I had no idea about Shamanic healing but after Dawn had worked with my husband and remotely with my daughter, I couldn't deny the positive results. I had sessions for around a year and it has helped me in many ares of my life. It helped me to break through some mental blocks and overcome some ways of thinking that prevented me to move forward. It was totally worth it.


  • Dawn Paul is an extremely powerful and gifted Shaman, I love working with Dawn. I highly recommend her, the transformations are deep, quick and lasting. I love the shamanic world and working with Dawn has helped me to connect to it on a much deeper level. She provides great support so you don't need to worry or feel fear, which is what I used to feel until Dawn came into my life. I also highly recommend her book.


  • I don't know how it works but I do feel different. Dawn has made me realise that I can not find happiness from outside stuff. I have to go within. If I sort my inside self out, my outside life will be better. Dawn helps me with this. I have had lots of therapy in the past and this has to be the craziest In a good way. My friends have definitely seen a massive shift in me and say I’m the happiness they have seen me for a long time.


  • Until Dawn I never fitted in, it didn’t stop me trying. I always felt different, and searched for ways to be normal, what ever the heck that is. I repeated mistakes over and over till I felt sick and felt lost. I questioned the meaning of life and feel out of love with humanity. I thought Dawn could fix me before I lost the plot. Turns out she is not a fixer but something much more powerful. She is your guide. An unwavering hand holding you whilst you take the ultimate journey into yourself. She would say “It’s not about who you want to be – it’s about who you are”. Together the layers of past suffering and pain gently lift and allow you to shine your light. I was a skeptic and a part of me still is and yet things shift and transform just the same.


  • My experience with Dawn Paul has been very supportive and helpful, she is very professional and really does know her craft. She is very knowledgeable and helps you understand and get to grips with any issues with healing.Would definitely recommend her services.


Shamanic Healer Dawn Paul

Fulfilled State

The fulfilled state is our desired, future state. Working with this part of ourselves is essential because once the healing work is done the person needs to move forward. However, as a people we are prone to staying in our comfort zones – even if they are hugely uncomfortable.  I take my client on a journey to see what the new ‘them’ looks and feels like, so they know what they are moving towards. If this is not done properly people do not move forward in life.


In order to access deepest parts of our subconscious, shaman use objects to help clients receive information that they otherwise would not normally be able to access. This helps greatly in the healing work as our issues are sometimes not what they appear to be.

House Clearing and House Surroundings

Our homes are a reflection of us, and we are a reflection of them, therefore in assisting someone to heal, it is important to take their environment into consideration. For example, often a client who has cancer will tell me that their house is full of clutter. Clutter affects our energy field which in tur affects our health. Therefore,in my diagnosis I look at your home and see if it negatively affecting you and give you ways to fix it. There is an article and video in my blog about how to clear your home click HERE.


Shaman have used objects such as bones and stones to help clients receive deep information about the root cause of their issues for thousands of years. Stone readings help a client see patterns and create a healed state.


This is a shamanic healing method used to clear out blocks in our chakras and then we fill them will light. If you have problems speaking up for example, your throat chakra will be blocked. If you have emotional or sexual problems, your second chakra will be blocked.


I use Emotional Freedom Technique to help clients who are suffering with phobias or fears.

Power Retrieval

Soul loss is when a part of us runs away to the safety of the lower world. Power loss is when we identify a part of ourselves and send it away for some reason. This is very common! It does not need to be a dark aspect; it could be something such as our happiness if we have gone through a difficult time and do not feel we can have it anymore. I find these unhealed aspects and we heal them and return them to the client. The transformations I see are amazing!

Shamanaic Healer Dawn Paul

Shamanic Healer Dawn Paul


These are a little like portals but are rips or tears in the energy field which leak energy, reduce protection and need repairing.

Destiny Retrieval

This is generally only needed when a person is at end of life or stuck on a destiny strand that is unhelpful to them.

Archetype dance

There are many different human archetypes, we are meant to move through them at different points on our journey but sometimes we can be stuck in one too long and need help moving out of one into another.

Energy Exchange

This is one of the most powerful healing techniques I have ever used. In life we can give our vital energies or qualities to another person (or they can take them from us). For example, if we feel unloved as a child, we can give all our love to a parent. Then we do not have any left for ourselves or anyone else! Or in the case of sexual abuse, the abuser takes our light and dumps their guilt onto us, so we are not only living without our light, but we believe their guilt is ours. Energy Exchange returns these energies to the rightful owner! It is an amazing healing technique. There is more information on using shamanic healing to heal sexual abuse in my blog please click HERE.

Masculine/Feminine Archetypes

We are made of both masculine and feminine energies and these archetypes live within us. If they are unhappy, unloved, or unhealed or simply not working together cohesively and harmoniously as a team not only are going to feel it we are also going to experience difficulties in our romantic relationships!

Hook, Crystalised Energies

Psychic hooks connect us to people and affect us negatively in many ways, so they need to be removed. Crystallised energies are hardened forms of energies which are normally remnants from past lives – for example if we suffer from a bad neck but the doctor can find nothing wrong, we might have the energetic imprint of an axe there from when we were killed in a past life! The body causes the pain because it wants the axe removing. Remove it and the pain goes.

Feeding Tubes

These are energetic cords going between my client and another person. You will know if you have one because your energies will build and build and then suddenly and quickly disappear leaving you exhausted. This is because someone else is taking your energy! These need to be removed and the body sealed to prevent reconnection.


The pace of life is fast. Additionally, when we experience trauma, our adrenals can be triggered creating stress hormones in our blood. This is to enable us to run quickly from the tiger that is chasing us, we are not meant to live in an adrenalized state forever! We can heal the adrenals and calm the body and mind using an amazing meditation.

Shamanaic Healer Dawn Paul

Shamanic Healer Dawn Paul


Starchildren are people whose soul’s do not originate from this planet. These people often feel ‘different’ and struggle to fit in in life, relationships, and social situations. About 95% of my clients are Starchildren and so am I. I can provide guidance, help and understanding to these clients helping them to enjoy their incarnation here and thrive in life. There is a chapter on Starchildren in my book, ‘A Healer of Souls’, which is available worldwide via Amazon. You can read more about my book by clicking on the menu bar above and my next book will solely be about Starchildren and the issues they face. Watch this space! I have provided a full article on Starchildren HERE.

Past Lives

Yes I’ve saved the best for last! Past lives affect us, whether we believe in them or not! They can block our lives in many ways, cause ill health and a myriad of issues, fears and anxieties. When we heal our past life selves and send them up for healing we feel amazing! There is a full article on past life healing HERE.

There are a few other issues I look at during a session, but you have the main ones here. In a session, my diagnosis tells me what we need to focus on and we start work. It’s a little bit like building a house, we need to create strong foundations and we can build on from that until you are happy and whole.

Are you ready to take that first step on your healing journey towards wholeness and happiness today? If so, click on the Appointment button at the top of the page and let’s get started. I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey! Blessings!