Dawn has totally helped me through a very difficult and emotional transition in my life. I am so grateful for my sessions with her. I had tried other forms of healing like reiki, and while it felt lovely, the effect seemed to wear off and did not seem to go deep enough to clear the problems I was having. I came to Dawn after reading her book which almost fell into my hands in the local library, I am so glad it did . Dawn was lovely to talk to and I looked forward to talking with her before the session as much as the healing work we did. She has undergone a great deal of transformational work on herself through her training as a shaman and she was highly skilled at supporting my journey to get to the root cause of the challenges I was facing. Some of these have been related to past-lives and I don’t know how I could have cleared these issues without her help. I can highly recommend spending time with Dawn, you can’t put a price on freedom to live your life without the past weighing you down. So much love and blessings to you Dawn from Jo.