I have known Dawn for over 15 years and she has helped me and members of my family though some testing and emotional times, Her form of healing gets straight to the root cause of the problem – not just treating the symptoms.

More recently I went to see Dawn as I had developed a serious problem with both my achilles heels. After a couple of sessions we concluded that I was stuck in a job where I received little recognition and therefore felt stuck and unable to move forward, especially now the kids were getting older. I had previously been a senior manager in a global food company but after having two children, took a part time job with less responsibility to fit in with the family. After some work on a soul level with Dawn, I felt more confident about my abilities and was determined to look for a better position.

The outcome – I was offered two jobs at a much senior level and am now Head of Marketing. My achilles heel problem gradually disappeared within a few weeks. Dawn is amazing – a bit like Heineken, reaches the parts others can’t.