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How can shamanic healing help to increase the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction? There are many natural laws in this world – the law of gravity, the law of karma, and the Law of Attraction – which was popularised in the book and film The Secret.

The Law of Attraction states – “that which to like itself is drawn,” or put more simply, ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you get what you focus on’ – and what you resonate with. Imagine you are a radio transmitter – the frequency of signal that you put out determines the frequency of experiences you receive back. If you don’t like what you are currently receiving from life, its a sure sign that you need to have a little re-tuning and get the Law of Attraction working for you!

It is commonly held that it is our subconscious thoughts, not our conscious thoughts, that create our reality. If were our conscious thoughts that determined our reality then we would all be living the life of our dreams! But our subconscious thoughts… they are tricky! Mainly because we are not often aware of what is going on in our subconscious – maybe we are running beliefs that were created in childhood.

For example, if we hold the subconscious belief ” I am not worthy’ or,’nothing good ever happens to me,’ then the chances are the Universe will keep bringing negative experiences to you that serve to strengthen that negative believe and nothing good will happen to you, or if it does, it will be short-lived. So part of my work is to heal those wounded inner children, help people to identify the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are running their lives and replace them with more positive beliefs that serve them and bring realties to them that they actually want.

I explain to clients that in order for true healing and lasting change to occur in their lives, they have to control their thinking, and “reframe” any negative thoughts that do arise. This is a tall order for most of us, no one tells us how important the quality of our thoughts are when we are growing up! But like anything, with attention and dedication, this can be mastered and new thinking habits can arise. And it is not just our thoughts that need to be addressed, but also our words, our actions and our deeds.

It stands to reason that in order for us to attract positive things, we have to be free and clear of our past emotional baggage, as this represents toxic emotional energy which only serves to lower our vibrational frequency. Shamanic healing can help us to heal our pasts and raise our vibrational frequency, which in turn, attracts more positive energy, people and events to us.

When we are in a low vibrational state, we are attracted to low vibrational things, such as sugar, wheat, alcohol, negative people and energies, depression and even disease.

Shamanic healing  is highly effective at clearing our toxic emotional, energetic and spiritual debris. Once the energy and effects of past traumas have been cleared, soul retrieval can return us to wholeness, return us to the light of our own being-ness. Soul retrieval also increases our energy levels, restores our zest for life,  boosts our immune system and returns lost aspects of personality  which leave us as a result of  trauma.  The easiest way to imagine this is to think of a hot air balloon. When the basket is full of sandbags it stays on the earth, when those bags are thrown out, it starts to lift and fly.

So when we increase our personal vibrational frequency we attract more positive things, such as positive people and situations, good health, abundance, success and good fortune. Proof of this is often shown in hospitals where people are often given a dire diagnosis. Those who believe it and think negatively often fail to recover, those who stay positive, ask people to stay positive around them and focus their thoughts on the healed state are much more likely to recover.

In addition to the many benefits of shamanic healing, I also teach general spiritual principles which can assist people in seeing and understanding their lives from a more positive standpoint, which allows them to step out of victimhood into an empowered and positively focused place. Again, this is more likely to attract to them the life they want and most importantly, deserve, rather than attract the things they don’t want!

If I can help you attract more of what you want, then please feel free to contact me by filling in the Contact Dawn page.