Our ability to achieve our full potential in life is dependent on being in harmony and dancing along with nature’s rhythms, by flowing movement as opposed to stagnation in the body, but this can only be achieved through adequate hydration.

Water comes to us from the outer cosmos, the macrocosm, imprinted with vital guidance and information about the universe and our place and role in it. When we ingest this water, through drinking it or through consuming naturally grown produce such as organic vegetables, providing the microcosm – the body -is clean and clear, ie the cells are being cleansed properly through the 2 hour cycle, the 24 hour cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as cleansing itself during the high energy periods of the equinoxes and the solstices, then dis-ease will be eradicated from the cells and the physical vehicle will remain free clear and efficient and in addition we will be able to receive and understand those vital messages.

The adequately hydrated cells will attract to them the photons of light, with all its encoded messages. The energy body will be raised in vibration, and if the person is sensitive, he or she will receive subtle guidance about where and who and how to be in this world. This is particularly important now, in 2012, when the Earth has entered into the photon belt, thus bringing with it a fantastic opportunity occurring once in every 26,000 years, for us to receive the light of who we are at source, to raise our vibration, through excellent diet, and spiritual endeavours such as meditation, and raising out of our fears and our stories to realise that we and the world are all one, and achieve higher and greater levels of consciousness and vibrational resonance.

Therefore, if the conditions of the physical vehicle allow, one could reach higher states of enlightenment at this time. If the conditions of the physical vehicle are disharmonious, then the person will not be able to attract these messages of light to their very being, no matter how much they meditate or carry out their own spiritual or religious practice.

In fact, in my work as a spiritual teacher, I have been very surprised by many people’s reactions to the physical body – they see it as “part of the material world,” and therefore irrelevant to them as a “spiritual” person.

But enlightenment, as the word suggests, is to do with becoming a brighter light in this world, and it is the health of the physical vehicle itself which attracts this light. Therefore, for spiritual seekers of all paths and religions, attending to the health, and particularly the hydration of the physical vehicle, the body, is absolutely essential for progression and advancement.

As the ancient Maya used to say, “If you want to be well and free of dis-ease, you need to prepare your body so that it will dance and respond to all of the natural rhythms.”

Dancing implies movement. A body which is dehydrated is unable to detoxify, and therefore it becomes solid, it seizes and becomes stagnant. Cellular health diminishes, leaving residues within the cell which eventually build up, leading to disharmony and eventually to dis-ease.

If we have aches and pains, if our brains,(which are the part of our body which require and hold the most water) are dehydrated leaving us headachy and depressed, or if we have disease, then we simply are in no frame of mind, or position, to live up to our full potential.

So in order that we can live in harmony with our universe, our world and ourselves, then we must be adequately hydrated, detoxified, with all our routes of elimination free and clear. Then we can truly dance along with life!