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The Daily Mail (Tuesday April 12th) article by Sadie Nicholas reported on the “guru boom” – the rise of professional women seeking the assistance of personal gurus who specialise in the emotional, mental and physical healing realms. Now it seems, instead of employing personal fitness trainers,   women (and of course men), are seeking assistance with their inner growth and personal healing work. Which is of course, excellent, as the happier and healthier we are on the inside, the better our lives are on the outside!

My client Ivana Lounova, was quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper as saying that I “not only helped her ease her chronic ME, but also enabled her to launch her dream business.” Ivana went on to explain, “ Whereas a doctor works on treating an ailment using physical means like surgery or drugs, a shaman is concerned with the emotional or spiritual root of the problems.”

Ivana came to see me after years of suffering exhaustion caused by ME.

Although there were many physical aspects of her illness, I quickly diagnosed that the root of her problems went back to her childhood, and even as far back as her past lives! Ivana worked hard on her issues and now, far from being exhausted, she now enjoys running her lovely bridal jewellery shop, what’s more, she makes all the jewellery and beautiful tiaras herself!

The Daily Mail stated that Ivana’s new-found happiness is down to the “guru effect” – I would suggest that it’s down to her hard work and commitment to healing her past. It takes courage to seek help with our “stuff.” While of course our personal healing journey is our own and we have to take responsibility for ourselves, receiving assistance on our journey helps us come on in leaps and bounds towards having the inner – and outer life we love. What I find fantastic is that the importance of personal healing and of course, shamanic healing, is now being recognised by the mainstream.

I’m so delighted to have been quoted by the national press and of course I feel blessed to have been able to assist so many people on their own personal healing journeys over the years. Shamanic healing helped Ivana create her dream life and come back to full health and it’s marvelous for me to see her behind the counter of her lovely shop. Of course in my healing practice I assist people with all kinds of issues, from physical illness to traumatic childhood experiences or helping people achieve the lives and the relationships that they dream of. For more details on how you can transform your life, please feel free to contact me.