Child in field

Autistic children can be helped by shamanic healing.

Why do I say autistic children can be helped by shamanic healing rather than autistic children can be healed by shamanic healing? The first reason is that very often autistic children are more spirit than human and they do not fully incarnate into their bodies. This is one of the reasons why many have physical problems such as going to the bathroom, they are not connected to their bodies therefore they do not receive the messages their bodies send to them.

As shamanic healing can assist a person on every level of their being, it can help autistic children to incarnate more fully into their bodies and become more grounded. Additionally soul retrieval techniques (you can read more about soul retrieval here) can return lost soul aspects to the child which may have been lost in this lifetime, during incarnation, or from difficult experiences in past lifetimes allowing the child to return to wholeness.

Through the shamanic journey process I can meet with the soul of the child and communicate with them. Whenever I work with autistic children they are most eager to talk to me and give me information to pass on to their parents.

I often find that these children are often quite happy within themselves and their lives. They often tell me that the reason they chose their parents was to help them on their healing path. What they communicate mostly is their concerns for their parents and their deep wish to help bring about healing for them.

I have found that many autistic children have healing abilities themselves – and often work on the people or the environment around them. I find that autistic children are greatly helped by shamanic healing, but they come on in leaps and bounds when the parents also have sessions with me. It allows the children to relax more and parents often report that their children sleep better.

As autistic children are high frequency individuals their bodies are more sensitive than most. Therefore I have found that an organic, low sugar, gluten and dairy free diet can also help these children.