If I told you that often, in my daily work as a shamanic healer, I tell my clients that as souls, it is likely that they do not originate from Earth, that it is most likely they come instead from the stars, that they are different, and have come to this planet to bring their light to the world, – what do you think their reaction would be?

Hysterical laughter?

A loud shout of, ‘Are you insane?’ or ‘Are you kidding me?’ before they slam the phone down on me?

Well, you would be wrong. I have had this conversation with many hundreds of people. No one has ever laughed or put the phone down on me.

The normal reaction is a small silence on the end of the phone, oftentimes quiet weeping, followed by a quiet, ‘I know,’ or ‘It’s funny you should say that because I have always suspected it.’

If you are rolling your eyes in disbelief, then this article is simply not meant for you. If my words resonate with you however, then please feel free to read on.

Am I a Starchild?

Am I a Starchild?

So, what is a Starchild?

To be honest, for many decades I thought this was a name I had created myself, when I first knew I was different to everyone else aged only three years old..which is over five decades ago now. As a young child I was aware of this world, but I was also acutely aware that this was not the only reality, that there was another world, which I deeply remembered and felt I belonged in. I didn’t really understand why my parents took this life so seriously, when the other world, the ‘spiritual realm’ if you like, was far more important.

When I was in my late thirties, I was astonished to find others had had the same realisations and were using the term ‘starchild’ to describe a person who is on earth, but does not originate from earth. (They can also be called Starseeds, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, or Crystal Children and these terms apply to adults as well as children). This does not mean that we pull our ‘human’ heads off at night to reveal our green alien faces, of course not! We know our souls are in human bodies, having a human experience! In fact, starchildren often feel stuck and trapped in the physical body which explains why I suffered from eating disorders (anorexia) in my youth and sought ways to control my body (over exercising and then bodybuilding) because I already felt so heavy and held down by my body and always felt uneasy in it, like it was something separate from me. I find this is a common reaction to being in physical form for my starchild clients. And I speak from deep experience as approximately 85% of my client base is starchild and I have been helping them daily since I started my shamanic healing practice in 2004.

What is interesting is that the starchildren I work with make the same comments. ‘I feel different,’ ‘I suffer from social anxiety,’ ‘I’m hypersensitive,’ ‘No one understands me,’ ‘I have lots of friends, but I feel very alone and isolated most of the time.’ Most believe that they suffer from some form of social anxiety. I had one client who decided there was something wrong with her because she felt so different and even begged a psychologist for medication, only to find that she felt the same after taking them and nothing changed. And I would like to point out that I have had many clients that were starchild and worked as psychologists, psychiatrists, or psychotherapists, so this is in no way a ‘mental’ condition, it is very much a spiritual/soul and energetic matter.

Sadly most starchildren incorrectly believe there is something inherently ‘wrong’ with them, and try their absolute best to ‘fit in,’ exhausting themselves by pretending to be what other people want them to be, and bending over backwards to people please, only to realise this makes no difference at all – they still don’t fit in. The truth is, we are different. We have not come here to ‘fit in,’ we have come here to stand up and shine as the bright beautiful lights that we came here to be.

Not only do we feel different, but we are often treated differently to other people. People know we are different, but they do not know why and this can unsettle them. And here is the problem. Because people know on a subconscious level that we are different, they cannot rest until they know why. But of course, they rarely figure that out. We can tend to attract two types of people, either those who cling to us like moths attracted to a lightbulb, wanting us to sort out all their problems and leaving us exhausted in the process, or we can attract jealousy and attempts to disempower us. Many starchildren experience numerous power struggles in the workplace leaving them with no options but to seek self-employment.

The other common effect of being a Starchild is that people will dump all their problems onto you, whether you ask them too or not. They will regard you as their ‘rock,’ and the fount of all wisdom, and will react very badly indeed if you have a problem-  in fact they will often run for the hills if you need support! This of course can be very upsetting!

As crazy as it sounds, I clearly remember giving my teacher at infant school (so I would have been five years old) assistance with her marital problems. My mother said that I just seemed to know everything, even at three years old, and this of course freaked her out. Parents can often react strongly to starchild children. If they are starchild themselves, then for the older generations it is likely that they know they are different but have not searched for understanding, hiding themselves perhaps in addictions to alcohol or drugs, or dropping out in some other way (illness is most common, and it is normally long-standing illness which can often defy diagnosis or cure). The most common reaction to a starchild child, is that the parent will subconsciously see the power and the light that the child has and do their best to diminish it and become controlling, overbearing, and often belittling. Often parents fear for their starchild child and how they will fare in the ‘real world’. Comments like, ‘why are you so sensitive, you need to toughen up!’ are common. After helping thousands of clients over the years, when we heal the parent/child relationships it is clear that the parents have feared for their children, so have often actively taken their power away, naively believing it would help them. But of course, it doesn’t. For the starchild, it just makes being here even harder.

Life is incredibly tough for a starchild. Not only do we tend to choose difficult incarnations (because at that point we know we are here to learn and evolve as souls), but we also can make life very hard for ourselves by playing small, people pleasing, believing we personally have to fix all the major problems of the world (cancer, homelessness, starvation, environmental issues) or similarly placing huge expectations on ourselves to achieve, to do something important and most of all, continually compare ourselves to others. I also see many common themes with starchildren – issues around iron levels are common, for some reason our bodies struggle to assimilate it so I supplement iron daily. Because of this there can also be problems with blood sugar or Candida (because the starchild is low in iron they will seek to obtain energy from sugary snacks or carbohydrates).

Sadly, the experience of childhood sexual abuse is common as our abusers seek to take our light. Sexual problems are also an issue, probably because sex is a very ‘human, earthly’ thing and therefore often difficult for a starchild to enjoy as they are frequently a) ungrounded and b) disconnected from their bodies, and c) struggle to let go and relax. I have also noticed that starchildren often suffer with hormonal issues – normally deficiencies – and many, including myself suffer from fertility issues.

In order to heal and be happy, we need to understand ourselves as starchildren – we need more nurturing, more alone and ‘home’ time than most people so we can recharge – we are more sensitive than most and therefore can quickly get exhausted. Our bodies struggle to contain our bright spirits, so they will be more delicate, not able to tolerate low frequency foods, or too much alcohol or stress. We will be highly affected by the news and the state of the world and have to limit our exposure to it.  I have not watched the news for over thirty years, and I rarely look at newspapers as they affect me too much. But I knew the moment Princess Diana died, I woke up in a panic when I was on holiday in Milan and knew something terrible had happened. I also knew the instant the Twin Towers was hit. At the time I was working in a bank, and everything suddenly went black and white, and I had to go home as I felt so ill and shaky. My mum telephoned as soon got home as she knew I would have picked up on the energy of the attack and she told me to put the television and watch the news so I would know why I was suffering.

Starchildren just know.

We will most likely be empathetic – deeply affected by another’s pain and suffering. We will say yes when we really need to get used to saying no more. But when we accept that we are different, stop comparing ourselves to others and love and accept ourselves and our ‘idiosyncrasies’ then we can do what we came to do and just BE. BE the bright lights that we came to be and become even brighter by doing things we love. Starchildren love things that please the soul, such as music, dancing, art, meditation and being in beauty and nature. We often have wonderful natural connections with animals and small children.  We do not, I repeat do not, need to give up our jobs and ‘do something spiritual.’ Everything is spiritual because we are all spirits in bodies! Many starchildren tell me they think they need to become healers – this is not true. We need to do what lights us up, whatever that is.

Most of all please remember….there is nothing wrong with you!

I could write about my experiences as a starchild and my experiences assisting starchildren on their healing paths forever – it is such a huge topic I can only touch on it in this article. In my book, ‘A Healer of Souls’ (2012, available on Amazon) Chapter Two is all about starchildren. However, as so many starchildren suffer deeply – and often unnecessarily, I have decided to write another book solely for starchildren and at the time of writing this article (January, 2022), I have just started it. I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible because the world needs the light that starchildren bring with them, we are conduits of light, helping to bring heaven to earth at a time when the earth needs us the most so we have to stop playing small – for it helps no one – and simply shine.

If you are still unclear whether you are a starchild or not, I have provided a questionnaire below for you which is adapted from the one featured in ‘A Healer of Souls’. If you are a starchild, you will probably answer yes to 90% of the questions here. I do hope this article helps you to understand yourself a little more and to be loving and kind towards yourself, and I would ask you to stop trying to people please and fit in and just be who you are, because who you are is wonderful!  If you would like some assistance on your healing journey then please get in touch via the appointments page of the website by clicking HERE and we can arrange some healing sessions for you.

I’m sending you love and blessings Dear One. Shine Bright!

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Question YES NO
Do you struggle to fit in no matter how hard you try?
Can you see solutions to problems very easily?
Do people come to you with all their problems?
Can you sense if someone is upset easily?
Have you always felt different?
Do you constantly compare yourself with others?
Do you feel alone and isolated even though you have many friends?
Do you play small so you don’t upset other people?
Is your body overly sensitive?
Do you often get overwhelmed, either by the news/ state of the world or social situations?
Do you have a strong sense that you need to do something ‘big’ to help? A strong feeling of needing to find your ‘purpose?’
Do you feel strongly connected to the Divine, (even though you may not necessarily be religious?)
Do you fear ‘worldly’ things, (taxes, buying houses, exams)
Do you worry you feel ‘superior’ to others?
Do you often get let down by people you thought were friends?
Do you have a poor relationship with your physical body?
Do you have a tendency to be ungrounded? (Floaty, hard to concentrate)
Is your head permanently busy/chattery?
Do you struggle to be interested in everyday things such as sports or hobbies?
Are you interested in ‘spiritual things’ (healing, meditation, yoga, astrology, channelled material?)
Do you prefer to be indoors rather than outdoors?
Do you quickly become exhausted in busy places such as large shopping centres or supermarkets and suddenly have to leave?
Do you suddenly find yourself needing to leave parties? (even though you might be having a great time?)
Do you often have deep feelings of homesickness? (even if you have always lived in your birth town)
Do you struggle in romantic relationships and often feel misunderstood?
Do you focus on ‘big picture issues?’
Do you on occasion feel tremendously powerful?
Do you feel you have strong spiritual connections, or have you had powerful spiritual experiences such as dreams or visions?
Do small children and animals react positively towards you and do you intuitively know what they need?
Are you always conscious of safety? I.e., sitting with your back to the wall in restaurants, always being aware of where the exits are etc?
Are you accused of being too ’intense?’
Do you fear bodily issues such as vomiting or other digestive problems?
Do you feel as though you have been abandoned, even if you have not experienced it directly?
Do you ‘people please?’
Do you have issues with authority figures and have a deep fear  of persecution?
Do people often look to you to lead or offer solutions to problems?
Do you feel you have to achieve things to justify your existence rather than just enjoying life, relaxing and ‘be’ ing?
Do you feel you ‘live’ in your head rather than your body?
Do you worry about ‘raising your head above the parapet’ or being ‘seen?’