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Are you suffering from soul loss?

If so, you’ll need a soul retrieval session.

We need soul retrieval after suffering soul loss. Soul retrieval returns a person to wholeness and can improve health, vitality, happiness and confidence. Soul loss sounds scary but it happens to all of us. We can experience emotional trauma such as a loss of a loved one, shock, a severe illness or accident, sexual abuse – or even by going through an awful divorce – and before we know it we have lost valuable aspects of our soul and our precious energy. Very often, the soul loss pattern starts in childhood and continues from there. It is also important to understand that soul loss can occur from trauma experienced in previous lifetimes.  Soul loss is actually a method of protection – for the soul, the body, and the mental and emotional state of the person so it is not a thing to be feared. To describe soul loss simply, it’s like those parts of us feel they are not safe here, in this world, so they return to a safe place in the earth waiting until they are found and returned to their owner.  But how do we know we have suffered soul loss? We might find ourselves saying things like, ‘I’ve never been the same since the accident/my father left/we split up,’ ‘I feel lost, like a part of me is missing,’ ‘ I feel like I’m constantly searching for something but I don’t know what it is.’

One of the reasons I love shamanic healing is that it not only gets to the very root of what is troubling the client and clears it on all levels of being, it also restores the client to wholeness through the process of soul retrieval. In my view, soul retrieval is essential for thorough, lasting and effective healing. One of my teachers used to say that the soul retrieval process is equivalent to five years of therapy! It is very easy for the client, who basically just relaxes – I have to do all the work! I enter an altered state so that I can find the healed soul part and return it to the client along with some tools to help them to move forward on their healing journey.

People definitely notice a difference after soul retrieval; they feel lighter, more whole, more energised, and more alive.  They feel more confident and are able to move forward and create a life of their dreams.  If you feel that soul retrieval can help you, then please feel free to contact me by clicking HERE. Remember, distance is no problem we can work together remotely over the telephone.