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Thank you for your willingness to work with me today and for being so open and eager to take those first few steps of your healing journey! It might get tough sometimes as things come up to be healed but I can promise you, you will never regret healing your past and striving to make a better and happier future for yourself. The benefits of taking this journey are too numerous to mention and remember – we haven’t even started yet!

We discussed your homework today and I just wanted to send you a little reminder  because I know that after a session we can be a little ungrounded! Here it is.

Water, water everywhere!

Please make sure you drink plenty of water over the next few days. The healing work we are doing is very powerful and ultimately heals us at the cellular level so it is important that those cells are nicely hydrated so they can detoxify.

Don’t forget to take the sea salt baths!

Not only are they lovely but they help keep your chakras clear while they are clearing for the five or so days after your session. So please use two big handfuls of SEA salt, (not table salt or Epsom salt) – the fine crystals are better as they dissolve faster. Pink Himalayan salt is also good. Please don’t add bubbles! Then soak away.  You might need to lie flat to get as many chakras in the water as you can. We do sea salt baths because the sea salt traps the heavy energy as it emerges from your energy field, but please note that after twenty minutes your body will take the energy back out of the salt, so please be sure to hop out before then! Use a timer if necessary.  Take this time to just be.

If you don’t have bath or can’t bathe, or if you are in a hurry, you can mix the sea salt with an oil such as olive or almond oil to make a body scrub – but PLEASE BE CAREFUL as it will make your shower very, very  slippery.

Be kind to yourself

After a session your body will be clearing energetically and emotionally so it is normal to go through what is known as a ‘healing crisis.’ Drinking water and having the baths will reduce the effects of this. But it is also important to honour any emotions that come up at this time and of course do allow yourself to cry as this is very healing. Tears are the past coming out of your body and your energy field, so do let yourself go and let them flow.

Self nurture

After your appointment you might just want to take time to yourself and process everything – so try not to organise wild parties the night of your appointments, if possible!

Eat well

This path is a path of self-love, so do make sure you nurture yourself by eating well – make it a habit! But after a session and for the next few days, do have lots of protein – dark meats or nuts – to help you to ground (come back to Earth!).

Have a massage!

Not that we need an excuse to have a massage – (well, I don’t anyway) – but massage is great for helping to physically push your past out of your muscles. It is said that we store trauma in our spinal column so bodywork is a fantastic aid for helping you to move along on your healing path!

Stay grounded and centred

This is hard after a session as we are shifting energetically. There is a fantastic grounding and centering exercise on my website, click on the link for more information and the exercise you need is at the bottom of the webpage.

Please tell your friends about my work!

We are living in very difficult times and so many people are struggling right now – either mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Shamanic healing can help just about anything and not only heals people’s past but returns them to wholeness through the process of soul retrieval. Please note that I also work with children of all ages, including autistic children. Please help me to get this beautiful and ancient healing work out there by passing my number on to your friends of family. Alternatively there is a contact form on my website. Here is the link Thank you!

Do spend time out in nature!

It really is the best medicine. Blow those cobwebs away!

Clear your space

As you move forward on your healing path you will be shifting  and raising your vibration. You might find that you suddenly want to have a bit of a throw-out! This is because your energy field is reflected in your home. As your energy clears you will want your house to be clean and clear. Feng shui priniciples do work! Vice versa, you can help clear your energy field by first cleaning then clearing your house. As a rule, if you haven’t used something over the course of a year …….then you probably don’t need it! There’s no better feeling than clearing your house and what you don’t need anymore could be someone else’s treasure!

Think about buying my book

A Healer Of Souls Book CoverI’m not trying to hard sell you as I think I get about 10 pence per copy  – but the book shares lots of client stories (so you can see that you are really not alone!) and provides lots of hints and tips that can help you move forward on your healing and spiritual journey. It is available on and for my overseas clients.

I hope you enjoy the book – it is designed to help and support you. (If you do like it I would be so grateful if you could write an Amazon review to help the book find its way into more people’s hands, because let’s face it, we all need ‘a helping hand on the journey through life.’)

Don’t worry!

If anything comes up for you that you are struggling with, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you. Text is best as I am often working with clients, but I will reply to you as soon as I can. Email is Remember that the first five days or so can be challenging, as your body is having a good throw out! If you do your homework you should be ok. But if there is anything concerning you after that then please do get in touch.

Please remember…this is your healing journey, not mine

My guides and I are removing the obstacles you face and bringing in the resources to help you to move forward, but in the end its only you that can make the journey.

In your session we probably talked about ways in which you need to consider changing either your behaviours or your thoughts (or both!). Our thoughts are very powerful and create our reality, so always think, ‘What am I thinking of? What am I focusing on?” See if you are focusing on positives or negatives and if it’s the latter, be vigilant and use your inner power to shift those thoughts to something more positive so you are creating a future that you want to see.

Be prepared to get out of your “comfort zone”

Despite their name, these can be amazingly uncomfortable places to live in! But be assured – in order for you to move forward, you are going to have to let go of your old comfort zone and make new and much bigger ones…..but be prepared for a few butterflies to arrive in your tummy! But don’t worry! Butterflies are good! They tell us that we are moving forward, trying new things……living!  Ideally we should always have butterflies because we should always be moving forward!

Don’t forget!

Please don’t forget your next appointment, put it in your diary and set a phone reminder. I work worldwide so appointment slots are very limited and you don’t want to get charged for a missed appointment! If you need to reschedule, please give me as much notice as you can because please remember, I start working on you the week before your appointment. And also remember that I can work on you completely remotely, we don’t even need to speak so it doesn’t matter if we can’t talk for some reason.

I work on you the week before your appointment?

Yes I do! I am an ‘Altomesayok’ which means I can work on you while you are asleep. So don’t worry if you get a sense of me (some people see me in their dreams!) or have a rough night, or emotional or physical symptoms are worse. You might just feel a bit tired/have a headache/ cold symptoms. But don’t worry it’s only me (sorry). We are simply raising your ‘stuff’ up to the surface – a bit like when cream comes up to the surface on milk, to make your session easier on you.

Do stay connected!

I love and honour all my clients and its so lovely to connect with you and to stay connected – so please do connect with me via the Liberate Facebook page or our Instagram page (I just can’t stop taking photos!) @dawnpaul23 or on LinkedIn Because sometimes I write quite interesting articles and post them online!

Do also keep checking my blog because when I get time I do try to write blog posts about the things that most concern or interest my clients. And of course, if you would like me to write about anything in particular, just let me know and I will do my best.

Don’t forget I’m available for weddings, funerals and christenings!

Yes its true! A shaman operates on behalf of his or her community carrying out healing and ceremonies where needed. So many people want a beautiful and personalised ceremony these days and there’s nothing better than a shamanic ceremony designed just for you! You can read all about them here.

Wishing you blessings on your healing journey – know that I deeply respect and honour you for being brave enough to take the leap and move forward on your healing journey!