Shamanic Wedding Ceremonies can also be known by many other names, such as Spiritual Weddings, Alternative Weddings, Non-Traditional Weddings, Pagan Weddings, Unconventional Weddings and even Offbeat Weddings!

Shamanic, or Non-Traditional Weddings have risen significantly in popularity over the last few years. Often, a couple want to honour and celebrate their love for each other in front of their family and friends, but do not wish to enter into the legal contract of a traditional marriage. Others do wish to be legally married but feel that it is not appropriate to marry in a religious house of worship as they do not worship regularly.

Similarly, others are not enamoured with the idea of a ‘dry’ registry office ceremony. Some consider traditional ceremonies boring, and others simply want a wedding that suits them, not everyone else. Some couples have strong interests or have thought of a brilliant theme and want to base their special day around their theme and the things they are passionate about. After all, your wedding day should be a celebration of you and your partner and what is important to you as a couple.

Why do people choose shamanic weddings or alternative wedding ceremonies?

More and more couples are choosing to have non-conventional wedding ceremonies, opting for something that is more personalised and meaningful to them. It’s becoming quite a fashionable trend!

Most often, a couple want a shamanic wedding because they crave something unique and beautiful for their wedding day, a ceremony that is created especially for them, reflecting their own individual personalities, culture and interests, bringing in elements that are important to them, such as music, poetry, readings, the natural world. Some wish to have a greater involvement and engagement of their loved ones. Others may wish to involve their children or dearest friends in the ceremony in a significant way, or even have their pets present!

Basically, whatever you are passionate about, whatever makes you, you, can be reflected in your ceremony, you have freedom of choice. With a shamanic wedding, anything goes. You can invite 500 or more guests or it can be just the two of you. It can be inside or outside. It can be lavish affair with no-expense spared or it can be a simple ceremony for the two of you or anything in between. You can wear a traditional wedding dress, or your jeans, converse and a t-shirt – or again, anything in between. Its all down to you, there are no rules.

What sort of person chooses a shamanic wedding ceremony?

The answer to this question is – any type of person! It is not necessary to have an interest in, or even know anything at all about shamanism to have a shamanic wedding. You don’t even need to be ‘spiritual’ (although to be fair we are all spiritual as we are spirits/souls inhabiting bodies!).

The people that I have married in the past have tended to be successful professionals, not overly attached to an organised religion but appreciative of nature and interested to some degree in the alternative side of life. This can be as simple as enjoying weekends in natural surroundings, to interests in alternative medicine, healing, and crystals etc.

Some couples have a faith, or two different faiths and backgrounds, or are on a spiritual path, and some are highly individual, creative and artistic and just want to express themselves. Other couples like to be unconventional and want this reflected in their special day and some couples don’t like all the etiquette and solemnity associated with a traditional wedding ceremony and want something more relaxed and intimate. Some couples have been married before and have already experienced a traditional wedding ceremony and this time around want to make their special day different and more personal.

But… I want a traditional non-traditional wedding!

That’s no problem at all. As I said, everything is up to you. If you want to be walked down the aisle, have bridesmaids, flower girls, a traditional wedding dress, bouquets, buttonholes, best men, rings, photographers, a tiered wedding cake and a massive champagne reception afterwards for all your guests, its entirely up to you!

That is the beauty of these sorts of ceremonies. And we will design the actual ceremony and vows between us, so they can be as traditional or as non-traditional as you like.

I would like to be legally married but also have a non-traditional shamanic wedding!

Again that is no problem. It is important to remember that shamanic weddings are not legally recognised.

So to get around this, couples often have a very short ceremony at a registry office with a couple of witnesses and not much fuss at all, normally just before their non-traditional ‘proper’ wedding – this can be say the morning of their shamanic wedding, or a couple of days before.  Alternatively some couples drop into the registry office after their return from honeymoon.

Can a same sex couple have a shamanic wedding?

Yes of course they can! To me, a wedding ceremony is all about celebrating love – love really is all there is! As mentioned above, it’s up to you whether you also have a civil ceremony and make your marriage legal or not.