Bird in Sky

Whether we know it or not, we are all on a spiritual path. Why? Because we are ALL spirits inhabiting human bodies – therefore everything we do is spiritual – even washing the dishes.

To go onto a defined “Spiritual Path” often means that one has received some form of awakening – a realisation, a vision, an astounding dream or revelation, or often something life threatening such as suffering a critical illness, or losing someone very close to us. Often these experiences come to us purposefully to wake us up and bring us closer to Source energy – whatever that is for us. It is typical for such a person to follow a particular religious or spiritual path, or find a “guru.” Sometimes, like me, people follow their own path and work on creating their own philosophy.

But there are many, many pitfalls on the path! I know, because I have fallen down most of them! We can be sent down various rabbit holes, become blocked, stressed and frustrated, spend a whole lot of money on books/crystals/courses, we miss the real point of the teachings, become reclusive, and ultimately become completely side-tracked on our path and end up even further away from ourselves and Source energy than when we started out!

Let me give you an example. Recently a dear friend of mine who is a very lively spirit came round to my house. She is a well recognised yoga teacher and despite having had a very difficult life, is very bright, sunny and vibrant.

She normally wears very floaty, colourful clothes and has a large presence. But on this day, for some reason, she was closed down and dull, she was wearing jeans and an olive coloured jumper, no make-up and she was quiet and withdrawn. It seemed to me that all the life-force had been sucked out of her. In the end I asked what was going on.

She told me she had attended a course with some sort of “spiritual group” and these people had basically “sent her to Coventry” because she had been herself. She had received the message that as she was, she was not good enough and she needed to change herself and become something that she was not.

Now I am not saying that this friend is perfect – no-one is perfect – but I have known her for 15 years and she is a very good person who does her best and is very kind.

What sort of spiritual path judges and reduces someone down to this level? Any spiritual path should be about LOVE, understanding, non-judgement, acceptance, compassion, expansion, and JOY! And we should be allowed to be ourselves – after all that is what any path is really about – ourselves – and in finding ourselves, our true, Divine Nature, we find our God. Any path that judges people and makes them feel like an outcast is based in ego, not in love, and is not a path at all.

As I said before, I have made probably all of the mistakes in the book, it’s been one hell of a ride – but boy, have I learnt a lot! And I can now say that I get it, I get what it is all about, and maybe I needed to make all of those mistakes to get to this point. Now, not only do I teach members of the public, I teach spiritual teachers as well, from all sorts of paths!

I feel it is important to give you another example as to how the ‘spiritual path’ can knock us off course, because in the very important times we are living in, it is crucial that we understand such things. Before I started out on my ‘spiritual path’ I was

a) calm
b) loving
c) peaceful
d) looking after myself reasonably well,
e) at one with myself and the Divine.

Then, when I started on my ‘path’ I became

a) stressed – because WHEN EXACTLY was I going to become enlightened? And WHERE was my spiritual teacher exactly, and what did I need to do in order to get one? (he never did turn up by the way!)
b) judgemental, because x and y and z were not right and neither was the world
c) exhausted, because I used to spend all night reading, reading, reading, trying to find answers, trying to know Heaven
d) not eating properly and not looking after myself or my home properly because NOTHING ELSE MATTERED!
e) I became much further away from myself and the Divine because I was looking “out there” for something that was “in here!” Oh, and did I mention how stressed I became?

So in essence, as I have mentioned in my book, I think my ‘path’ was the single biggest blocker to my spiritual development. And it is very easy indeed to make all these errors because the path almost becomes addictive, we can become in competition with ourselves as well as others. I spent about 20 years banging my head against a brick wall – some people spend their entire lifetimes doing this. But I have learnt that it is only when we are forced to stop and just BE, and apply the general spiritual lessons to our lives, that the magic begins, and the path starts.

So now I love to teach the standard, general, spiritual principles, which are suitable for anyone on any path, in the hope that they won’t make the same mistakes that I and so many others have made.  I feel it is important to do this, because given the times we are living in, we no longer have 20-30 years or so to meander along on our paths, there is urgency about it all, we need to accelerate our spiritual growth and development so that we can be prepared for the new world which approaches our doorsteps at a rapid rate. And more importantly, we as souls deserve to live joyous lives filled with love, and a path based in love helps us to achieve that.

If you would like to receive a helping hand on your path, please contact me.