Children with autism benefit greatly from shamanic healing.  Shamanic healing recognises that children with autism are highly advanced spiritually. You might say that they are more ‘spirit’ than human. As many parents of children with autism know, their children often have areas of brilliance. Rupert Isaacson, author of ‘The Horse Boy’ told me how his young son somehow knew to put his plastic toy animals in their genus groupings. I worked with another little girl in Denmark who, despite being severely autistic and unable to speak, was a great healer. Another little boy in Australia used a variety of vocal tones to send healing out into the world. So these children have very specific gifts  often revealed in their stimming and other activities. What may look like a complicated pile of twigs to you may in fact be to them an important energy construct.

Healing for Children with Autism

However, children with autism struggle to be in a body.  To them,  the body is almost alien, for they exist mainly in the energetic/spirit realms. The workings of the body, particularly digestion and its by-products represent a significant challenge as they simply have no understanding of it. Children with autism are extremely sensitive and can pick up on the slightest shifts in energy,  upsets or stresses in the home or even rows between their parents. They can also  be driven to distraction by the smallest thing, such as a scratchy label in their clothing.

Like a child with autism,  a shaman also lives between the human and spirit world. This means there is resonance between the child and the shaman. Therefore, such children are very eager to work with me and often help me to heal them! The children I normally work with are usually highly autistic – and highly advanced. Many cannot communicate verbally at all or are too young to communicate, so I work remotely on them. However, they DO communicate with me and give me valuable information which I am able to pass onto their parents.

How Healing for Autistic Children Works

During a healing session I use divination techniques to check the child for over fifty different things that could be affecting them. Once I know what the child needs I can start the shamanic healing work to assist them. This helps them to come more fully into their bodies and the world.

Included in these fifty different things are checking the chakras  are clear, looking to see if they are being affected by past lives, releasing them from ancestral problems, and correcting power loss and soul loss to name a few. Once I have an idea of what the child needs, I then meet the child energetically. It is important to understand that shamanic healing is what is termed ‘non-local.’ This means that the healing actually takes place in another realm, another world, outside of this world. So, it doesn’t matter if my client is with me or in Australia, the work still is carried out in this other dimension. Utilising my shamanic abilities, I am able to fully meet the spirit/soul of the child in this dimension – they are normally already there waiting for me and they are normally extremely chatty!

One thing I have noticed is that children with autism are always desperate for shamanic healing work and desperate to talk to me (even though they are often unable to talk in ‘this’ world). We talk about their needs and wants, their likes and dislikes. I ask them for any information that they wish me to pass on to their parents, which is very helpful of course to the parents. I have found that the children often accompany me while I do their healing work, they are so desperate to receive it and so happy to be heard.

So, just to be clear, I do not need to visit the child at all, everything is done without contact, all I need is the child’s name, date of birth and a photograph which can be emailed to me. I am fortunate in being able to work worldwide in this way so distance is not a problem.

One child, who used to make a variety of different noises told me she had been frustrated that her parents had not picked up on the fact that she made the same noise for each thing she wanted. So for example she made a certain noise when she was hungry, another when she was tired, another when she was thirsty etc. When I relayed this information to the parents, they started to recognise the sounds, which vastly improved the relationship and communication with their child and also reduced her and her parents levels of frustration.

After the healing session is completed, I then normally speak to one of the parents. This can be over the phone or alternatively I can leave WhatsApp voice messages which can be kept. I tell the parents what I found and what I have healed in their child and then pass on all of the information I have been given by their child.

Common themes in healing autistic children

A common theme that arises in all of my sessions with these children  is that they tell me they are primarily here for the healing of their parents. So, when I work with children with autism, I normally also work with at least one parents as well, in separate sessions. And as the parents heal, so the child heals and the whole family heals. The combination of working on the child and the parents makes life much easier for the highly sensitive child and also improves the energies in their home. This really allows the child to come on in leaps and bounds, much faster than if I simply worked on the child alone.

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