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About Dawn Paul

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Spiritual Guide & Shamanic Healer

Many people are curious about how I became a shamanic healer given that I had a background in consulting in corporate pensions!

I guess the short answer is that the path found me… eventually, after over two decades of searching for it. In 2004 I received a vision while visiting Machu Picchu in Peru in which I was instructed to follow the path of the shaman – so I gave up my job at the bank and that’s exactly what I did. I later found out that the vision I received was the traditional way for a shaman to be called to the path.


As I child I was interested in spiritual matters and in trying to find the truth. In my twenties I studied Transcendental Meditation (TM) for eight years and through developing a regular practice I discovered I had hands-on healing abilities. So I studied three different lineages of Reiki, and became a Reiki Master. However, I felt that hands on healing only provided surface relief which lasted a few days – and I wanted to find a healing modality that reached down to the very root of a person’s problem. I likened most healing modalities to that of simply ripping the leaves off a dandelion that grows in the middle of your lawn – only to find it has grown back a week later.

Instead, I wanted to find a healing method that not only identified the root of the problem, but also completely removed the issue, and returned the person to wholeness. Therefore, I felt blessed to finally receive the vision at Machu Picchu and find the shamanic path after so many years of searching. Since then I have worked full time as an ‘Altomesayok’ – a shamanic healer working with the highest levels of spirit. I’ve helped people worldwide go on their healing journeys and heal the things either in their past or current reality which are holding them back from living fulfilled and happy lives so they can move on and create a life of their dreams.

Over the years I have also worked hard on my own personal and spiritual development and I intend to continue this practice, because I understand that the clearer I am the more powerful the sessions are for my clients.

The shamanic path is an intensely challenging and arduous one, but I feel honoured to have been called to it because basically, l love it. I love how quickly it helps people to transform their lives, I love how it helps to return people to wholeness and I feel blessed to witness deep and lasting transformation arise in my clients. I know this healing modality works because I see it every day and I also use it myself.

Would you care to join me on this beautiful healing journey?  We can walk along your healing path hand in hand. You will have to work hard, but it will be worth it, because you deserve to be free, fulfilled and happy!

My clients range from 8 months old to 90 years old and are from all races, religions and backgrounds, from Hollywood ‘A listers’ to schoolchildren

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MBA from Nottingham Trent University and is an Alumni Fellow of Nottingham Business School

Completed Dr Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School training with The Four Winds Society

Training & Peru trip visiting the Amazon, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the holy mountain Ausangate with Jose Luis Herrera of Rainbow Jaguar.

Completed medicine wheel and Inner Child training with Carla Fox of FarWalker Destiny and many others (including the indigenous shaman and Ayahuascero’s of the Amazon, Lake Titicaca and the mountains of the High Andes (The Q’ero))

Studied Theta Healing in California

Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Quantum Touch and Past Life Regression with Roger Woolger in the UK

Attended retreats with Sufi Sheikh Burhannudin (Spain) and Mother Meera (Germany)

A Healer Of Souls Book Cover


A Healer of Souls’ was published in 2012 and is intended to provide a helping hand on the journey through life.

It details stories from my life and client case studies as well as providing guidance to help you navigate the many pitfalls life can throw at us, hopefully enabling you to see your life experience from a different perspective so you can move forward and create a new reality for yourself.